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Our Early Years comprises of both Nursery and Reception children.  All staff within the setting work together to meet the needs of each child; We put the individual child at the centre of everything we do!

At Horncastle, we deliver the EYFS curriculum through a range of planned activities that allow children to demonstrate the skills and knowledge that they have learnt.  The children learn through themes which are driven by high quality storybooks.  Our learning environment is set up to allow children to demonstrate their skills in a variety of ways, with the adults in the setting supporting and extending children on a small group or 1:1 basis.  We ensure that all resources are accessible in the classroom so that children can choose their own activity and the resources that they would need in order to carry it out.  It is these independent experiences that the adults in the class will engage with, and assess in an ongoing way.

Our school day consists of a careful balance of child initiated and adult led activities, including sessions of continuous provision whereby the children have uninterrupted time to play and learn. Within this time, we provide the children with a healthy snack and focus on developing social phrases. 

In every school, Reception teachers use the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP) to assess the progress your child makes during the year.  Its intended purpose is to provide Year 1 teachers and parents with reliable and accurate information about each child’s level of development at the end of the EYFS.  This enables Year 1 teachers to plan an effective, responsive and appropriate curriculum for the following year that will meet the needs of each child.  During the EYFS year, we undertake regular observations and assessments and record these using the Evidence Me app. We encourage parents and the children themselves to share their successes as well. We give regular feedback to parents during the school year through Parent Consultations and face-to-face interactions to inform and update them on their child’s progress.

Why is this right for the children of Horncastle?

In the Early Years setting at Horncastle Primary, our children settle in quickly by learning routines and expectations, which allow them to show high levels of involvement and engagement in all aspects of their learning. Our play based approach allows the children to develop their fundamental skills through a carefully planned progression which is informed by a rigorous baseline assessment. We quickly identify the gaps in our children’s learning and plan an exciting curriculum to address these needs. Our curriculum is designed to expose our children to a variety of cultures, ethnicities, backgrounds and disabilities. We provide opportunities to visit and meet members of our local community and surrounding areas to teach the children about different roles in society and celebrate where we come from.