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Family Support

The aim of this page is to provide some additional information to help parents and to share some key contacts. We want to provide useful guidance and please do not hesitate in contacting us if you require some help and support. 

“Parenting can be challenging. Parents themselves require and deserve support. Asking for help should be seen as a sign of responsibility rather than as a parenting failure.”

Lincolnshire County Council.

Parents should speak to their child’s class teacher if they require any initial advice. Please contact the School Office if you require priority support. You will normally be directed to a member of our Wellbeing Tem or Senior Leadership Team.

Scroll down the page for information about the Horncastle Children’s Centre and Team Around the Child (TAC).

A selection of links

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Domestic Abuse
Lincolnshire Community Nursing Team (Previously ‘School Nurses’)
General Health
Grief, Loss and Bereavement
Challenging Behaviour
Self Harm
Other/General Advice

Horncastle Children’s Centre

The Horncastle Children’s Centre is an important and valuable local resource. Please click on the link below for contact details and more information.

Team Around the Child (TAC)

Children and families may need extra support at different times in their lives.

Team Around the Child (TAC) is a group of people who want the best for the child or young person.  Who will work together in an open and honest way to create a plan of support.

Providing early help is more effective in promoting the welfare of children than reacting later. Early help means providing support as soon as a problem emerges, at any point in a child’s life, from the foundation through to teenage years. Horncastle Primary School is committed to working with families and a range of professionals to provide effective support.
The critical features of an effective early help offer are:

  • a multi-disciplinary approach that brings a range of professional skills and expertise to bear through a “Team Around The Child” approach
  • a relationship with a trusted Lead Professional who can engage the child and their family, and coordinate the support needed from other agencies
  • practice that empowers families and helps them to develop the capacity to resolve their own problems
  • a holistic approach that addresses children’s needs in the wider family context
  • simple, streamlined referral and assessment processes.

Our early help offer recognises the crucial role that all family members – not just mothers and fathers, but step parents, grandparents, siblings and other extended family members and carers – play in influencing what children experience and achieve as well as the consequences when families are in difficulty.

School contacts

Mrs Leak (Assistant Headteacher) and Mrs Kerwick (Pupil Wellbeing Leader).

Please contact either of the above through the school office if you wish to discuss TACs.

The TAC process is intended to be a positive and effective process in helping you to get the right additional support. The child is at the heart of the process.