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School Vision

At Horncastle Primary School all our children enjoy an education which helps them to fulfil their potential, discover their talents and instils in them a lifelong love of learning. We want children to become independent and be able to make a positive contribution to the community, to be resilient, kind and respectful. Our knowledge rich curriculum, with a love of reading at its heart, ensures our children are always ready for the next stage of their educational journey. We actively promote the British values including tolerance and mutual respect.  Alongside this, we believe that developing children’s self-esteem and confidence is fundamental to their learning and we are committed to ensuring that every child achieves the highest possible academic standards. 

Working together our vision will be realised through: 

  • Providing a safe, caring, stimulating and innovative learning environment. 
  • Creating an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust and kindness. 
  • A knowledge rich curriculum, with reading at the heart. 
  • Enabling every child to experience success achieve the highest standards of which they are capable. 
  • Wider, cultural experiences involving music, the arts and sport. 
  • Equipping children with skills for life in a rapidly changing society. 
  • Promoting personal, social, moral, spiritual and cultural development. 
  • Encouraging tolerance and harmony between different cultural traditions so that children appreciate and respect their own and other cultures. 
  • Developing close and supportive links with our families and the community