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At Horncastle, we use the ‘Salut’ scheme of work for our French lessons from Year 3 to Year 6. 

Each year the children build upon their existing knowledge to develop their language skills before their move to secondary school.

Our aims

  • Develop pupils’ confidence and independence in the four main language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing)
  • Engage pupils and motivate them to succeed in language learning
  • Foster curiosity for other languages and cultures
  • Involve all pupils

Why is it right for the children at Horncastle?

At Horncastle we aim to provide children with the best opportunities to inspire
learning to help them secure future job prospects. French is studied at the two main
secondary schools our year 6 children at Horncastle Primary move on to. By learning
French, children at Horncastle are provided with the foundations for continuing with
this modern foreign language at secondary school and beyond. In addition, learning
French can better enable children to work in fields such as the culinary arts,
architecture, science and fashion which are all very prominent in France.
Horncastle is also twinned with a market town in France -‘Bonnetable’.  We have a Bonnetable Road in Horncastle and in Bonnetable they have ‘Rue Horncastle’ in commemoration.
Globally, French is a major language of international communication and is an official
language of the EU and United Nations. It is spoken on all five continents and is an
official language of 29 countries. By learning French, other Latin languages such as
Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian will become much easier to learn. We
therefore believe that learning French provides our children at Horncastle Primary
School with the best start in becoming multilingual and having a very bright future.

We also have an annual French Day where our pupils get to learn about French culture, as well and practise their conversational skills.