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Please remember to send in any empty crisp packets for our recycling scheme. We have used the money raised so far to purchase 4 hammocks for baby orangutans!


Reading books are regularly changed at school and sent home.


We recommend that you read at least 3 times a week with your child as a minimum.


If you are worried that your child races through the books then please try any of the following techniques to really reinforce the learning from each book.


1) Try writing the words down on paper for them to read - Often children will memorise the words by looking at the pictures. They are not using their reading skills when they are doing this. Try tricking them and writing out the words for them, or mixing up the pages.


2) Ask your child to write the words from the book, ask them to write a different sentence using the words from the book. - This will really challenge them to apply their phonics.


These ideas above will not only help keep your child stimulated but it will act to reinforce the learning from the book.

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