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Welcome to Nursery!



Nursery is taught by Mrs Craigs. We are supported by Mrs Pick and Mrs



Academic Year 2019-20




Term 2


We will be continuing with our theme Getting to know you. Our focus books are Stanley's Stick and Owl Babies. We will also be enjoying Children in Need, Anti Bullying Week and getting ready for Christmas!

Stanley's Stick


In this story Stanley has a stick which changes into lots of different things. He goes to the beach and throws his old stick into the sea. He finds a new stick which is completely different to his old stick but can still be lots of different things.


We have had fun playing with sticks and pretending they were different things. We wrote some stick rules together to keep everyone safe!




Our Stick Rules

Can you guess what our sticks are?

Term 1


Welcome to all of our new starters and their families. Welcome back to those children who are staying on with us for another year. We hope you all had a fabulous summer and we look forward to hearing all about it!

This term, our main theme will be 'Getting to know you.' Here we will be finding out about each others likes and dislikes, our families, how we spend our spare time, what we are good at etc.



We dug up the potatoes from the garden. We found lots and lots of different sized potatoes. We collected them in a bucket, washed them and then cooked them for snack. We used some of the potatoes to print in the paint.


Louie's Surprise Birthday Party


We had lots of fun organising a surprise birthday party for our Puppet Louie! While he was at the park, we put up banners, blew up balloons, wrapped him presents and wrote him cards! We hid under the tables as he walked into the classroom and shouted SURPRISE! We played some party games and sang happy birthday! He loved his cards and presents!










Academic Year 2018-19


Term 5


This term we will be finding out about spiders, ladybirds, caterpillars and ducks. We will be enjoying stories such as The Very Busy Spider, The Very Lazy Ladybird, The Crunching Munching Caterpillar and the Duck in the Truck. Our school value this term is Safety. We will be talking about keeping healthy and staying safe in school and at home.




Term 4


During Term 4 we will be enjoying the story of Detective Dog Nell and Tyrannosaurus Drip by Julia Donaldson. We will be enjoying World Book Day, Red Nose day and Arts Week. Finally we will be getting ready for Mothers Day and finding out about Spring and Easter. 


World Book Day 2019


We all enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day! Can you guess who we all are???

We made magic wands, made up stories in the castle and pirate ship and hunted for characters from stories hidden in the garden.















Spring Detectives


We enjoyed a walk around the school field, looking for signs of spring! 





Arts Week

Our theme during Arts Week was Antarctica. We had lots of fun making penguins, learning penguin songs and dances! We worked with our buddies from Year 3 to make a display board full of penguins!

The Mishievous Easter Bunny


We had a visit from the Mischievous  Easter Bunny! He took all of our chocolate eggs and hid them in the garden!!! We collected them all up and locked the eggs in Mrs Craigs cupboard so he couldn't get our eggs! We wrote signs on the door, built traps and set up our dinosaurs to guard the nursery gate! The Mischievous Easter Bunny came back again the next day and hid them in the garden. We found them all and put them on top of a high shelf! He didn't come back again and we were able to share the eggs out and take them home in the Easter Baskets we had made!






Term 3


This term we will be finding out about winter, exploring ice, enjoying a scavenger hunt around the school field and enjoying the stories Jack Frost and Betty and the Yeti. We will also be enjoying the story Zog and Zog and the Flying Doctor and finding out about Chinese New Year.

Term 3 Newsletter

Winter Scavenger Hunt


We went for a walk around the school field looking for signs of winter. We had a card with pictures of winter treasures on, for us to find! 



Fun in the snow!


We had lots of fun playing in the snow last week. We built lots of small snowmen by filling up buckets and making snow castles! We threw snowballs at the wall and collected snow in the wheelbarrows!

Term 2


This term we will be finding out about different celebrations; Bonfire night, birthdays and Christmas. Our school value this term is truth and honesty. We will be listening to lots of stories about telling the truth such as The Boy Who Cried Wolf, I Think I Saw A Dinosaur and Tiddler. We will also be raising money for children in need by coming to school in our pyjamas

We had lots of exciting stories to tell our friends at nursery about bonfire night. We enjoyed pretending to be fireworks and a hot dog for snack afterwards. We have made firework pictures and mixed red and orange paint to make handprints! 




We took photos of our creations using the iPad! Can you guess what they are? 

Anti-Bullying Week


We wore odd socks to launch anti-bullying week. We talked about what to do if someone hurt our feelings. We made some new friends from Year 3 and enjoyed playing with them in Nursery. 


Children in Need

Term 1

We are busy settling into our new nursery; making new friends, exploring the different areas of learning and getting to know the adults in Nursery.


We are enjoying playing and finding out about dinosaur's. Outside we have a dinosaur small world where we can imagine with our dinosaurs and look at books about dinosaurs.



This term in school our behaviour value is kindness and respect. In nursery we have a kindness tree. It will show all the different things we have been doing to be kind.



We came to nursery wearing our pyjamas! We enjoyed eating spotty cakes that we had made. We listened to our favourite stories from our new friends in Year 3. 








Academic Year 2017 -18 

Term 6

This term we will be finding out about journeys and the transport used to go on a journey; cars, trains, buses, bikes, aeroplanes, rockets and boats. We will be talking about our own experiences of going on a journey and using our imagination to go on a journey!!











The Little Red Hen


We enjoyed listening to the story of the little red hen. We have put puppet shows on for our friends to enjoy. We made bread to take home to enjoy.





We celebrated harvest with reception in the school hall. We all bought in a vegetable which we have donated to charity. We all put our vegetables on a display and sang some songs. 




We went on an autumn walk around the field, looking for signs of autumn. The leaves were beginning to change colour and fall off the trees. We collected autumn treasures in our buckets! 


Building cars

We have used lots of different materials to build cars and go on our own journeys!


We have drawn different maps to take on our journeys to help us find our way!!

The Naughty Bus

We read the book The Naughty Bus. We had a visit from the naughty bus in our classroom. He was very naughty and kept driving around too fast and crashing into things! We decided to build a track to help him drive around more carefully!!


Nursery Sports Day


We all enjoyed Sports Day. We took part in running, egg and spoon, the sack race and the beanbag race. 








Term 5

This term we will be investigating animals with 2 legs, 4 legs and more!! Some of the animals we will be looking at are our pets, frogs and tadpoles, caterpillars and butterflies, spiders, ladybirds and ducks!!

Feeding the ducks


We went on a walk to Tesco Car park to feed the ducks. They enjoyed peas, sweet corn , lettuce and corn. We saw 4 ducklings following their Mum. After we had fed the ducks we went to play at the park.



We have some caterpillars in our classroom. They arrived on Friday. They have grown lots over the warm weekend. We are all very interested in what will happen next...i






They were very hungry caterpillars and soon turned into cocoons.






After about a week, the butterflies emerged from their cocoons. We let our butterflies out into our garden. 

Animal Unit Visit


We went to visit the animal unit at St Lawrence School. We saw lots of different animals. We enjoyed stroking them, holding them, watching them eat and finding out how they are looked after. We had a fabulous time. Thank you to all at St Lawrence who were so accommodating!



Baking Flapjack


We used weighing scales to carefully weigh our ingredients to bake flapjack. We talked about how our ingredients changed whilst we were cooking. We took a slice home to enjoy!



Term 4

This term we will be finding out about people who help us. We had a vote and decided we would like to find out about Police first! We also decided to have our role play area as a vets!


PSCO Visit


We enjoyed a visit from PSCO Wass and 2 of his colleagues. They bought a police van to show us. They told us about their jobs, their uniform and some of the equipment they use.





World Book Day


We all came to school dressed as our favourite book character to celebrate World Book Day. We voted to have the activities in nursery based around the 3 Billy Goats Gruff. We listened to the story, added sound effects to the story, collaged the characters from the story, built bridges outside and made troll masks. 


Sports Relief



We had lots of fun raising money for Sports Relief and bouncing all day on a bouncy castle!




Visit to Horncastle Fire Station


We enjoyed a walk to Horncastle Fire Station. We found out about the role of the fire fighter, the equipment they used and the fire engine. We particularly enjoyed squirting the hose. Thank you to the Horncastle fire fighters for having us!







Term 3


This term we will start by finding out about winter. Our main topic will be dinosaurs. The last week of term we will be finding out about Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year - Dragon Dancing

Internet Safety Day


We found out about how we can keep safe while playing on our tablets, computers or parents phones. We watched a story about Buddy the dog who helped the boy in his family make the right decisions when playing on his new tablet. 

We learnt a song to remind us to ask for help...


"Ask your grown-up,

Ask your grown-up,

Ask for help!

Ask for help!

Use your tablet safely, 

Use your tablet safely, 

Woof, woof, woof.

Woof, wolf, woof."




Snow Fun!

We had a slight covering of snow which was enough for us to build a small snowman! We filled buckets with snow to make castles. We turned the castles into a snowman!


Model Making - Can you guess what our models are?

Rumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus


We have enjoyed listening to the story Rumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus. We enjoyed the actions and the exciting part when the T - Rex arrived! We have painted pictures of our favourite dancing dinosaurs! We have even danced out the story in the hall. 



Dinosaur Eggs


We have been looking after a Dinosaur egg! We wrote signs to keep people safe in the classroom!


Winter walk around the field

Term 2

This term, we will be finding out about different celebrations; Diwali, Bonfire Night, Birthdays and Christmas. We will also be taking part in Friendship week (All different, all equal).

We had a great time at our Christmas party! We played lots of party games, danced and played with balloons, ate party food and had a special visit from Father Christmas! 



Christmas Jumper Day. We designed our own Christmas jumpers!

Getting Ready For Christmas


We have been busy practising our Christmas Play. We have enjoyed this so much, we have built a stage in the classrooms from wooden blocks, so we can practise in the classroom too!!



We have have also been decorating our Christmas tree in the classroom and the tree in the garden. 






We have really enjoyed finding out about birthdays. We organised a party for our puppet Little Louis. He was 4. We made and decorated a cake for him. We played party games in the hall and then sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed eating cake!! 

Children in Need


We were sponsored to walk from school to Bain Valley Park and then around the park. This was a long way but we had lots to see on our way. We enjoyed a teddy bear biscuit when we got back which we had made the day before. 

Friendship Week


We talked about how we are all unique and special. What our favourite things are, what we are good at, what our families and homes are like. We talked about how they were the same and how they might be different. We talked about how we could be a good friend and what to do if someone does something to us we don't like. We decided to tell them. "Stop that, I don't like it!" 





One  of the activities we really enjoyed was making friendship bracelets for our friends! 


Bonfire Night

We went in the hall to explore how fireworks moved. We whooped, whizzed and spun around the hall. Racing like rockets, jumping like jumping jacks and spinning like Catherine wheels!!

Building a bonfire!


Outside we built our own bonfire in the garden using blocks, crates and tyres. We put cones around to make a safe area for people to watch the bonfire!!! 


Fireworks Display

Nursery Open Day

We have been finding out about how Divali is celebrated. We enjoyed listening to the story of Rama and Sita. We acted out the story in the school hall. 






We tasted Indian food; samosas and onion bhaji's. They were very spicy. 





We made  diva lamps out of clay. 







Term 1

Welcome to all the new children and parents who have started with us this term and welcome back to those who have returned!!

This term our topic will be All about me. We will be finding out about ourselves and our families. We will be talking about how we are the same and different to our friends. We will be talking about things we like and don't like. We will also be finding out about Harvest and looking for signs of autumn.






Making Pizza Faces


We made faces on our pitta bread pizza base. We had to think very carefully about which ingredient to use for the eyes, nose and mouth!





We enjoyed listening to the story of the Little Red Hen. We found out about how bread was made and we even made our own bread hedgehogs. We used scissors to make them all spiky.



Making a Wormery



One of the things we really enjoyed doing outside was digging for worms. We decided to make a wormery for them to live in for a few days. We found a large container and filled it with layers of soil and sand. We found some leaves to put on the top. We found lots of worms and put them on top of the wormery. It wasn't long before they buried themselves underneath the soil.






We have been finding lots of conkers on our way to nursery. We used some of them to roll in paint and make a beautiful picture. We talked about how the colours changed when they mixed together.




We walked around the field to look for signs of autumn. We tested sycamore seeds to see if we could make them fly like helicopters. We looked for different coloured leaves and even tried to catch a leaf as they fell off the trees. We talked about berries and why we must not pick or eat them.


The School Building Site


We have been very interested watching the different construction vehicles coming into school and wondering what they could be doing. Mrs Craigs took us for a walk to look at the new classroom being built. Each time we go back we can see what has changed!!



We have been busy constructing our own walls in the sand outside.


Academic Year 2016-17

Term 6 - Please don't drink the water

This term we are finding out about pirates and what lives under the sea.


We built a pirate ship out of wooden blocks and enjoyed playing in it and changing our design.


We decided to make a pirate ship out of a large cardboard box for our role play area.


We wrote maps and spent a long time looking for the treasure!


We went on a walk to feed the ducks and play on the park. On the way we looked for numbers. We were very good at spotting them!



We fed them sweetcorn, peas, lettuce and corn.



After we fed the ducks we played at the park.



It was so much fun being at the park with all our friends.



We found out about what lives in a rockpool. We made our sand pit outside into a pretend rock pool.



Mrs Stainthorp bought in her chicks to show us. We were very keen to stroke the chicks and find out all about them.


We made boats out of junk materials. We tested them to see if they would float.



We enjoyed our Nursery Sports Day just before the end of term. We had a running race, an egg and spoon race, balancing the bean bag on out head race, a sack race and a water race.



We ended our year in Nursery with a pirate picnic. We all came to school dressed as pirates and enjoyed a picnic, a treasure hunt and playing on the pirate ship on the KS1 playground.



Term 5 - Small is Beautiful

This term we will be investigating tiny creatures; baby animals, ladybirds, snails, spiders, frogs, butterflies and caterpillars and bees.



Spring Walk


We have been busy in the garden sowing seeds; peas, runner beans and sunflowers. 





We have been observing a tank of snails in our classroom. They like to eat lettuce. They feel slimy when we hold them!

Library Visit

We walked to Horncastle Library to borrow some books. We all chose a book to take back to nursery to read. We found out about the different books in the library, how to borrow books and we listened to the Gruffalo. 

Visit to St Lawrence Animal Unit

We went to find out how the animals were looked after at the Animal Unit at St Lawrence's School. We fed the animals, looked at their homes, collected eggs and stroked them lots!!! Thank you to everyone at St Lawrence School Animal Unit for having us. 

The Ugly Bug Ball

We enjoyed dancing like minibeasts at the ugly bug ball. We made masks and danced like butterflies, grasshoppers, ladybirds and spiders.

Term 4 - To Infinity and Beyond

This term we are finding out about Space. We will be celebrating World Book Day and dressing up as our favourite character and enjoying Red Nose Day. We will also be finding out about Easter.


We have enjoyed playing in our role play space rocket and flying to the moon.




We have been listening to the story of Whatever Next and using props to act out the story.



We have been finding out about the planets in the Solar system. We were particularly interested in Venus and its volcanoes. Mrs Craig's made a mini volcano erupt in Nursery!!!


For Red Nose Day we came to school with crazy hair and dressed in red. We found out about a girl in Africa who lived on a rubbish dump and how the money from comic relief paid for her and her family a house to live in.




We have enjoyed Easter celebrations in Nursery. We all made an Easter Bonnet at home for our Easter Bonnet Parade. We enjoyed hunting for chocolate eggs in Nursery. We went to Tanglewood Nursing home to sing Easter songs to the residents.











Term 3 - To Infinity and Beyond

This term we will be investigating winter, taking part in the whole school book week; looking at the book Journey by A Becker and finding out about toys. We will also be finding out about how Chinese New Year is celebrated!







A winter walk


We went on a walk around the school field looking for signs of winter.


We found a table covered in frost!! It was a very frosty morning!!



We felt the different textures on the trees trunks. Some were rough and some quite smooth.




Book Week

We really enjoyed talking about the story Journey by A Becker. We could tell the story ourselves!! All week we enjoyed lots of activities about journeys and adventures.


Outside we had a magic chalk that we could draw where we went on our adventures. This x took us to LEGOLAND!


We made boats out of junk materials and then took them to the water tray to see if they could float.



Some of our Mums and Dads came in to read us stories at the end of the session.



We made a dragons head out of junk materials. We enjoyed pretending we were at a Chinese New Year Parade in the hall.




Term 2 – Our Wonderful World


This term we will be finding our about different celebrations. We will be looking at Diwali, Bonfire Night, Birthdays and Christmas.

We enjoyed listening to the Story of Rama and Sita. Some of us helped to act out the story.

Bonfire Night

Children in Need


We enjoyed raising money for children in need. We baked Pudsey biscuits, made lots of spotty pictures and helped Pudsey find his missing spots outside in the garden.



We helped our class puppet Little Louis celebrate his 4th birthday. We made him a cake, decorated it with icing and chocolate buttons, sang happy birthday and played some party games.



Stay and Play


We enjoyed having our parents / grandparents to stay and play for an hour. We showed them all of the fun things we do at Nursery.

Term 1 2016 – Topic All About Me

We have been busy settling into our new Nursery Class; learning the new routines, exploring the classroom inside and outside and making LOTS of new friends!!




Harvesting our Crops


We have helped to collect in tomatoes, beans and potatoes from the Nursery garden.





Baking Bread Hedgehog's


This week we have been baking! We made bread hedgehog's. First we mixed the dough, next we all helped to knead. After that we rolled our dough into hedgehog shapes and used scissors to cut the spikes. Finally we let them rest and then cooked them in the oven.




We went on an Autumn walk around the school field, looking for signs of autumn. We found lots of leaves, berries, pine cones and spiders webs. When we got back to the classroom, we mixed paint to the different shades of autumn leaves. We also explored the inside of a pumpkin!!


Academic Year 2015-16


This term, our topic is 'All about me.' We will be finding out about our families, babies and birthdays. We will be having a birthday party for our class puppet. We will be looking for signs of winter and then of course finding out about how we all celebrate Christmas, making cards, decorations, taking part in our first Christmas play and enjoying a Christmas party.


Parents Newsletter Spring 3

Parents Newsletters Spring 4


Settling into Nursery

Making Bread

Rainy Day Play

Harvesting Potatoes

Making hot chocolate for snack


 Visiting babies!


We have been talking about what it was like when we were babies. Thank you to Mrs Forrester and Mr Luttrell for bringing in their babies for us to see and talk about. We had lots if interesting questions!!!





Children in Need

We came to school dressed as our Champions! We had challenges to do during the session - building a tower taller than us and counting along the stepping stones as high as we could! We also enjoyed Pudsey colouring and collages!



Winter Walk


We walked around the school field looking for signs of winter. It was very wet and muddy. We felt the different textures of barks, found an evergreen leaf, fir cones and red berries. 

Igloo role play area


We collected hundreds of milk bottles to build an igloo. It took us a very long time. We enjoyed playing arctic explorers; fishing, writing and following maps and looking for arctic animals.


Outdoor Fun!!

We have had fun exploring the outdoor area. All the recent wet weather left us with an enormous muddy puddle. We built a bridge with crates, tyres and planks. We enjoyed balancing across, trying not to fall in the mud!


Our Wormery


We were digging in the garden one day and we found some worms. We decided to make a wormery for them to live in (temporarily). We filled a plastic container with layers of compost and sand. Next we chopped up some potatoes for them to eat. We popped the worms in and they tunnelled into the soil. We kept our wormery in a dark place. Once we had finished we enjoyed a story of superworm.

Bird Feeders

We made some bird feeders to feed the birds through winter. We carefully threaded peanuts onto a string and the mixed bird seed with lard and squished it into pine cones. We enjoyed watching the birds come into our garden, but we had to be very quiet!!

Ice Exploration

We found some of our dinosaurs stuck in some ice outside. We used warm water and salt to rescue the dinosaurs. Inside we have been trying to free a toy rabbit from a block of ice. 

Penguin Biscuits


Sharon came to help us make penguin biscuits. We mixed flour, sugar, butter and an egg together. We carefully rolled out the mixture, cut out some penguin shapes and cooked them in the oven. We enjoyed them for snack later in the week. Thank you for helping us Sharon!

Rocket Launch


Finn's Dad bought in an air powered rocket to show us for show and tell. He pumped it full of air, we did a countdown and it blasted off into the sky. 


Thank you Mr Bollan  



Tractor Day

We had a visit from a tractor to school. We enjoyed finding out what jobs the tractor did on the farm and what all the different parts of the tractor were called.

We enjoyed building tractors from the large construction when we got back. 

Easter Fun

Easter Bonnet Parade

We made Easter bonnets at home and then had a parade around our garden. Mr Bradshaw came to judge the winners. The winners were Lily, Fletcher, Bailey T, Charlie and Priya. He had a very difficult job choosing. 



Easter nests

We made chocolate Easter nests as a special treat for our snack. We melted the chocolate in the microwave, mixed in the Rice Krispies, put the mixture into cake cases, added eggs and then waited for them to set. They tasted delicious!!!


Easter Egg hunt


We had fun hunting for chocolate eggs in our garden. We collected as many eggs as we could and then put them in a bucket. We shared all the eggs equally and took them home in out homemade Easter baskets. 


Spring Walk


We went for a walk around the field looking for signs of Spring. We had clipboards with spring pictures on. We had to tick them off when we spotted them. We found lots of ladybirds too!





We have been very busy planting flowers and vegetables in our garden. In our raised bed, we have radishes, peas, lettuce and carrots. We have also planted potatoes. We have planted a selection of flower seeds in the border along the fence. Every day we water them and are waiting for them to start growing!!

Feeding the Ducks


We enjoyed a walk into Horncastle to feed the ducks near Tesco. We fed them bread, seed, peas and lettuce. We saw some ducklings. We had our snack next to the river. After our snack we went to play on the park. 



Minibeast Madness

Can you guess what our mini beasts are?




Visit to St Laurence's Animal Unit


We all really enjoyed our visit to the animal unit. We held lots of small animals, stroked and fed farm animals and saw where the animals lived.


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