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Use the question matrix to ask children about what they have read.

Use the question matrix to ask children about what they have read. 1

English is integral to everything a child does. The daily English lesson develops the essential skills of speaking, listening, reading, writing and spelling. These skills are in frequent use in all parts of the curriculum.

The teaching of reading is given a high priority in our school. Pupils are taught through synthetic phonics to enable them to 'sound out' new or more difficult words as they progress. In Key Stage One, children read a range of texts which are purely phonic, providing a breadth of experience. 


In the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One, we use Jolly Phonics to learn sounds along with an action. This is then used to blend sounds together to read simple words. We then segment words into their individual sounds to learn how to spell simple words. The Letters and Sounds scheme is then used to support development. When they progress to reading books, we follow the Oxford Reading Tree scheme.

Proficient readers are encouraged to develop more advanced skills and to widen their reading preferences. Our constant aim is to show that reading is fun and that books are to be enjoyed! Parents too have an important role to play in this, both in hearing their children read and discussing the content of the book.

Spelling is also taught as a planned programme linked to the English curriculum content and children will bring home spellings to be learnt.


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