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Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club starts at 7:45am every morning until the start of school in the dining hall. The staff who work at Breakfast Club are Miss Hicks and Mrs Taylor. Breakfast is served from 7:45am until 8:25am. The children have the choice of a variety of cereals, toast, fruit and squash. We are very kindly provided with fruit each week from The Co-Op on Conging Street in Horncastle. During each session, the children have the opportunity to take part in various activities such as Lego, drawing, board games and puzzles.

Each session costs £2 per child, which can be paid with cash or cheque. Childcare vouchers are also accepted as a valid payment method.

In order to attend Breakfast Club, a registration form for each child must be completed; these can be collected from the school office or from Breakfast Club. It is a requirement that children are booked into Breakfast Club via the school office or by contacting Miss Hicks.

For more information about Breakfast Club, please contact Miss Hicks (Breakfast Club Supervisor).

Here's what some children have to say about Breakfast Club -


I love to play with the Lego. My favourite breakfast is Rice Krispies with honey. We drink orange juice, milk and blackcurrant. I love to play with my friends.

By Adam, Year 3


At Breakfast Club, you have really nice and delicious food. They have fruit, cereals, toast, crumpets and lots more. You get 2 lots of breakfast and a piece of fruit. Miss Hicks and Mrs Taylor run it. It opens at 7:45 and everyone is welcome to come. It is £2 each. Also you get to play with lots of wonderful games which are really fun.

By Joseph, Year 5


Breakfast Club is a fun and happy place! There is a wild range of food and drink. Everything is delicious! The Co-op even give us free fruit. Toys and entertainment are in three big cupboards. They store Lego, board games and more. You can also colour and draw on whiteboards. We would like more parents and children to be aware of this club! I love it and hope you would too!
By Aaliyah, Year 6


Breakfast Club is a fun and friendly place to be at. There is a selection of food and two types of juice (orange or blackcurrant) that you can choose from. You can only have one cup of juice, then you can have water. Breakfast Club is run by Mrs Taylor and Miss Hicks. Children from Nursery to Year 6 can come. First you go to eat breakfast then you can go and play. This sums up my time at Breakfast Club.

By Poppy, Year 6

Breakfast Club Christmas colouring competition winners

Breakfast Club - Easter egg design competition winners

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