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Please note that school is currently closed to the majority of our pupils. If you feel your child qualifies for a place (according to the Government guidelines) please contact the school office.

Year 6

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Tuesday, 31st March, 2020


Good morning, Year 6! We all hope you slept well and are ready for a fabulous day of learning! On the menu today, we have some maths, English and P.E. We are always at the end of an e-mail and we would love to hear from you. Work hard and have fun!


The Year 6 team.

Today's lessons:

Maths: 2D Shapes


Follow the PowerPoint to revise the properties of different 2D shapes. Write down the properties for as many different shapes as you can on the sheets or in your exercise book. You could also have a go at drawing each one yourself, making sure you are as accurate as possible! 


English: Grammar 



Use the PowerPoint slides and the poster to remind yourself of what a 'determiner' is. Then complete the activities on the worksheet (or in your exercise book). Use the picture clues to help you write sentences containing a variety of determiners.



Other activity: PE


Today as you go on your daily walk with your grown-up, you have the opportunity to do some athletics! You might not be able to attempt all of the activities, but try your best. Remember, it is very important to keep fit and active everyday. 


Have a fabulous Tuesday!


Mr Walker, Miss Fox and Miss Watts.

Monday, 30th March, 2020

Good morning, Year 6, and welcome to this new way of learning! Every day, we will upload one piece of English work, one piece of Maths work, and one other activity for you to do at home. If you need any help, or would like to get in touch with us, please feel free to send us an e-mail on 


Today's lessons:

Maths: Negative Numbers 

Download the PowerPoint, read the information carefully, and work through as many of the slides as you can. We will upload the answers tomorrow morning so that you can check how well you did. smiley 


English: Education City Spelling (or Phonics)

You will need to log in to your Education City account and complete the work which has been set for you on there. Some of you will have 'ough' spelling rules, and others of you will have a phonics activity based on long and short vowel sounds. If you encounter any technical difficulties, the activities have also been provided for you to download and complete as worksheets (or in your exercise book if you can't print them off). 


Other activity: Rainbow Art 

Show support for our fabulous NHS and spread the cheer in your street with a piece of rainbow art. Some of you may already have drawn a picture to display in your window, but perhaps find another exciting way to create your rainbow, perhaps with a model or sculpture, fabric, a paper plate cut in half, or even using natural materials, such as sticks and leaves in the garden! You could write a message on your rainbow art to say thank you to our key workers, or a special message for a loved one that you can't see due to the lockdown. If you want to, send us a picture of your artistic creations - we'd love to see them! You can e-mail them to us on 


That's all for now - have a lovely day and please get in touch with us if you need to; we'll be happy to help!


Miss Watts, Miss Fox and Mr Walker


Monday English - Education City Spelling

Monday English - Education City Phonics

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