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Year 6

W/C 29.3.21


Hello Year 6! 

If you are not able to attend school, the work for each week will be posted on the school website. You should complete this and email it to the Year 6 account -



Guided Reading: Watch the video up until 20 seconds, where you see the mysterious creature. Generate vocabulary about what you think the creature is going to be like. -



For PE today, either have a go at a Joe Wicks workout, some Just Dance videos, or choose some of the Easter games attached!



For today’s topic, go through the PowerPoint and make notes on Charles Darwin’s life. There’s also a pdf you could read too. Your headings could be Early Life, Education, Voyage, Theory of Evolution, Later Life and Legacy.



Guided Reading: 

Watch the video until 1:03, where the creature grabs the marshmallow from the boy’s hand. How do you think the creature feels about marshmallows? How can we tell?



Using the information you gathered yesterday, create a poster/information sheet (on paper or on the computer) about the findings of Charles Darwin. Use diagrams and pictures to help present your findings.



Think about the story you wrote in English last week, based on Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Just So’ Stories. Create an illustration about your story; think of a section that includes the main character and perhaps an important scene. You could use crayons, felt tips, paints, water colours or collage materials – whatever you can find!



Guided Reading: 

Watch the video until 1:49 where the creature looks at the fire. Predict what you think the creature is going to do next.

Watch the rest of the video.



Log-in to Times Table Rockstars and have a go at practising your multiplication skills! 


Well-being Wednesday

Choose a few activities from the attached sheet – enjoy the last day of term!

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