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Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 page. Please remember that you can always contact the Year 5 team via e-mail at: 

Remote Learning

Not long to go now until the end of summer term 1.  If you are unlucky enough to be self-isolating, the work you need to complete can be found on this page.



Week 6: 24.5.21 - 28.5.21

Reading VIPERS.

Read the text 'Metamorphosis'.

Each day, answer the questions about the text for that day.


Maths Week 6:  Monday, 24th May – Friday, 28th May, 2021

For each day, watch the vimeo tutorial then complete as much of the worksheet as you can.  Remember to check your answers when you have finished.

This week, on Thursday, you should explore creating nets for a variety of 3D-shapes then on Friday complete the worksheet.


Monday:  LO:  To name and describe the properties of different quadrilaterals

Tuesday:  LO:  To calculate lengths and angles in shapes

Wednesday:  LO:  To understand what regular and irregular polygons are

Thursday and Friday:  LO:  To identify 3-D shapes from their 2-D nets

DT - Designing your pencil case

We have spent the last few weeks analysing and evaluating existing pencil cases to gather ideas and create a list of design criteria for our own pencil cases.  Last week we made prototypes to explore different types of opening and closing as well as the shape and size our pencil cases will need to be to fit all our equipment in and function well with frequent use in school.

This week you are going to design your own pencil case.  Use the lesson presentation to get some ideas of how to go about it and all the different things you need to consider in the design stage.  Then use the design sheet to design your pencil case.  You will need to bring your design into school after half term ready for when we start making them in school.


This week we will be continuing our project: 'Circle of Life'.  Last week we used the internet to research and find out about the life cycle of a living creature.  This could have been a mammal, reptile, amphibian, insect or arachnid etc.   You then had to prepare a presentation for the class on your chosen life cycle.  This week you should spend some time finishing this off, or if you have only started isolating this week you will need to begin creating your presentation poster at home. It is up to you how you choose to go about this, for example you might create: a poster, a slide show, a puppet show, a collage piece of art or a non-chronological report.

You must make sure the information in your presentation is accurate and true as you will be teaching the rest of your class about it.

Remember to challenge yourself and research a life cycle you don't already know about.

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