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Thank you all for your hard work during lockdown! We look forward to seeing you all on Monday 8th March!

Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 page. Please remember that you can always contact the Year 5 team via e-mail at: 

Remote Learning


From Monday 8th March, if your child is self-isolating, the work they can complete can be found on this page. 

Monday Maths:

This week we are continuing our learning of fractions.  On Monday, we will learn how to multiply non-unit fractions by a whole number.

Work through the PowerPoint and answer as many questions as you can on the worksheet.  Note:  You only need to multiply the numerator!

Tuesday Maths:

Today we are multiplying mixed numbers (a whole number and a fraction) by a whole number.  Work through the PowerPoint and have a go at as many questions on the worksheet as you can.  Good Luck!

English - Mon 8th March - Fri 12th March


This week's reading focus is on reading fluency. You will need to complete this work with an adult. Your adult will need to read the text to you first, and then you will re-read it to them. This exercise is designed to develop your reading speed and development of the correct expression when reading. 

Reading Fluency Resources

Monday PSHE

Complete the activity about how you feel about school. 

Tuesday PSHE

Read through the PowerPoint about kindness and design a poster about being kind.


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