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Year 4

Year 4 reminders. Joe Wicks is still doing workouts several times a week and David Walliams is still reading at 11 am.

Send any photos or ask any questions by emailing  We enjoy hearing from you.  



Good morning, Year 4!


Today's joke is 'What goes up but never comes back down?'


Fun fact: A person who studies flags is called a vexillologist. The only square flag is that of Switzerland.


Have a good weekend.


Year 4 teachers



Good Morning, Year 4!


Hope you are all well!


Today's English carries on with reading The Ickabog by J K Rowling. You do need to start with chapter 1 and work through each chapter so if this is your first day of English this week, please look at Monday's work.


The answer to the joke is that their horns don't work.



Fun fact: About 70% of a human's body is water!



Have a good day and drink plenty of water! It is good for your brain!


Year 4 teachers



Happy 1st of July!


Don't forget to pinch and punch.


Today's joke is 'Why do cows have bells?'


Fun fact: An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain!

Good job they don't have to go to school!

They can also run at 45 miles per hour in short bursts when escaping a predator!


Have a good day!


Year 4 teachers



Good Morning, Year 4


Today's English work carries on from yesterday's work. If you didn't manage to do the English yesterday, please start with Monday's lesson as it is chapter one of The Ickabog by J K Rowling.


The answer to the joke is a sleeping bull is called a bulldozer!


Fun fact: The Sun is 93 million miles away however, I think it has gone on holiday as it seems to have disappeared the last few days!

Here is the sun over Lincoln Cathedral.


Have a great day!


Year 4 teachers



Good morning, Year 4


We hope you had a good weekend.


Today's joke is - What do you call a sleeping bull?


Fun fact: Cows drink about a bathtub full of water every day.



Have a moo-tiful day!


Year 4 teachers



Good morning, Year 4


The answer to why the chewing gum crossed the road is that it was stuck to the chicken's leg!  I hope you are all groaning at how bad that joke is!


Fun fact: A rainbow is in fact a full circle of light. However, due to most people viewing a rainbow on the ground we only see a semi-circle or arc of the rainbow.


Therefore, I will leave you with this image and, if we get any storms tomorrow, the hope of seeing this weather phenomenon.


Have a fantastic day,

Year 4 team



Good morning, Year 4!


What a lovely day we had yesterday. If the forecast can be believed, it should be another hot day today!


Joke of the day: Why did the chewing gum cross the road?


Fun Fact: In contrast to today's sultry weather, in 1684 it was so cold that the River Thames in London froze solid for two months.


Year 4 teachers



Happy Wednesday, Year 4!


Who is doing a kind deed every day this week? I have just made my son's pack up for tomorrow! I really do not like doing pack ups so that was my kind deed!


The answer to the riddle is a towel becomes wetter the more it dries.


Fun Fact: Human teeth are just as strong as shark teeth!

Keep brushing twice a day!



Year 4 team



Good Morning, Year 4


We hope you are well. Again, we would like you to be kind to someone. What was your good deed yesterday, so what could you do today?


Today's riddle is - What becomes wetter the more it dries?


Fun fact: A lion's roar can be heard up to 8km away!

Have a good day!


Year 4 team



Good morning, Year 4! We all hope you are well and being good for the adults at home.


Today's lessons are on the document below, but we would also like you to think of others this week. What kind thing could you do for someone today? It could be something as simple as a hug or more complex like unexpectedly helping make dinner.


Answer to the riddle is ... a clock has hands but cannot clap.


Today's random fact is your brain is sometimes more active when you are asleep than when you are awake!!!! Therefore I have chosen this image to relate to this fact.


Have a great day!


Year 4 Team



Good morning, Year 4


Today's riddle is: What has hands but can't clap?


Once again, super photos. It is wonderful to see them.


Random fact: Some hummingbirds weigh less than a penny.



Have a good day!


Year 4 team

Good Morning, Year 4!


Once again, you have done well! We have seen so many wonderful photos of fact files. Today is the final version of those so sharpen those pencils and flex your fingers in preparation for your neatest work!


The other task today is to choose from your boredom buster jar. Having looked at the weather forecast, let's hope it is something you can do inside. Technically, there should be no putting back and choosing another piece of paper but if it is raining, I think we could get away with putting that task back if it is an outdoor one! Otherwise, the first activity you pick is the one you do. No cheating! Have fun!


Answer to the riddle is a green house is made from glass!


Fun fact: your mouth produces about one litre of saliva a day!



Remember to dream big and you will go far in life!


Year 4 team



Good morning, year 4.


Thank you for the photos of your amazing bug hotels! So many of them would receive a 5 star rating!


Today's riddle is 'If a red house is made of red bricks and a yellow house is made of yellow bricks, what is a green house made from?'


As I am sitting here putting this work on, it is thundering and lightning so I will leave you with a suitable photograph.


Mrs Scarboro smiley



Good morning, Year 4!


Answer to the riddle is a sponge - it is full of holes yet still holds water.


Trivia facts: collective nouns are the terms for collections of things, such as, a congregation of alligators or a cauldron of bats. I think my favourite is a flamboyance of flamingos.


Have a good day.


Year 4 teachers



Good Morning, Year 4


What a lovely weekend! I went on a 14 mile bike ride in the lovely sunshine.


Riddle of the day: What is full of holes but still holds water?


Fun fact: Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur!


Have a good day!


Year 4 team




Good Morning, Year 4


Once again, we have seen some super photos. Keep sending them in!


Answer to the riddle is Mary is the other child.


Fun fact: Like finger prints, everyone's tongue print is different!


Funny photo - I think he needs a bath! If I were his mummy, he would be having a bath outside in the garden.


Have a good weekend.


Year 4 team

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