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Year 4

19.7.21- Hello and welcome back. Please find drama/role play activity about the water cycle. You can make your props and choose a role to play. Ask adults at home to help you read out other roles and act out the story of a water droplet's journey.

Week beginning 12th July

Hello everyone.  Unfortunately, as the year 4 bubble has had to close,  lessons have switched to remote learning via MS Teams.  As such, there will be no work published on the class page this week. If you need to contact the staff, please email us on

Many thanks,

Year 4 Team

09.07.21 - English

Continue writing your travel brochure - don't forget accommodation and how to get there.  We will edit and improve it next week.

08.07.21 Complete the shape sheet. How many can you draw on a 3x3 grid?

08.07.21 - English

Continue writing your travel brochure for Reykjavik.


Science- Have you wondered if gas is heavy or light? Our next lesson in science is looking exactly at this! Here is a powerpoint that helps you investigate whether gas has weight or not. You will need two different types of fizzy pop. Complete the investigation and record your observations using the recording sheet.

English 07.07.21

Follow the PPt and then continue working on your travel brochure.

Geography- Today, we are learning about how volcanoes are created. Please go through the slides in the powerpoint included, then create a display with collage materials to show the inside of an active volcano. You can use a variety of materials, so be creative and have fun!

English 06.07.21

Follow the PPt and then start to write your own travel brochure for Reykjavik.

English 05.07.21

Follow the PPt to complete your tourism brochure on Horncastle.

5.7.21 Music: We are learning about the Piano as Classical Instrument. Please follow the powerpoint to learn about the history of the Piano. Then, draw and label the key parts of a modern piano. Finally, point out 5 key differences between the Harpsichord and the present- day piano.

02.07.21 - English

Follow the PPt to begin writing a tourism brochure for Horncastle.

01.07.21 Maths. Please ignore the date on the file.

01.07.21 English

Today you are going to look at a travel brochure and find the key features within the text.  You can do this by printing out the text and highlighting/underlining the features in different colours.  If you are unable to print, you could write out some of the examples of each feature on a piece of paper.

30.06.21 English

Today, you can write a review of your most memorable moments from Year 4 during your time in school.

30.6.21 Geography: Use the research sheets provided and the the weblinks incuded to research information about Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland. Make sure you use bullet points and make notes using short sentences. Record your work on the information organiser. Please bring this to school when you return.

English - 28.06.21 and 29.06.21

Choose grammar mats from those below to complete.  You can record your answers on paper, if you wish, to save on printing.

28th and 29th June Maths: Please follow the powerpoint and complete one sheet per day. Check your answers using the answer sheet after you have answered the questions.

25.06.21 - English

Follow the PPt to edit and improve your writing from Wednesday.

24.06.21 Maths. We are testing in school today so this worksheet is a recap.

23.06.21 - English

Look at the PPt and then write a diary entry from the hunter's point of view.  Remember that your son will be living with the bears through the winter.

Geography- Follow the powerpoint that gives you an introduction to Iceland, then use the guide map to mark the capital city, rivers, volanoes and 4 man-made features on the blank map.

22.6.21- Science- Please follow the powerpoint that describes the properties of different states of matter, then complete the task attached.

21.06.21 Maths. We are testing today in school so please complete this task.

English 18.6.21

Work through the ppt and then collate your ideas using the role on the wall sheet.  (You can use the one provided or draw your own.)

17.6.21- Here are the Knowledge Organisers for this term. Please begin to read and familiarise yourself witht new topic and science vocabulary you will either learn or come across. Make sure you learn the correct pronounciation as well understand their meaning.

17.06.21 - English

Use your mind map from yesterday to write a descriptive paragraph of the scene.  Try to include adverbs, adjectives, similes and/or metaphors.  You will spend some time Friday editing and improving this paragraph to write your final version.

16.6.21 English

Follow the PPt and mind map your ideas, focusing on adverbs and adjectives.  Then write a descriptive paragraph to describe the scene.

15.6.21 English

Watch the PPt  and write a summary of the Ice Bear story.


26.5.21 - English

Work through the PPt on possessive apostrophes and then check your myth for accurate use of them.

Then look at the English PPt and complete your myth.

25.5.21 - English

Test your knowledge of direct speech conventions in the grammar PPt.

Continue to write the resolution of your myth using the PPt to guide you.

24.5.21 - English

Complete the grammar work by following the PPt then continue with your myth work.  Tuesday's PPt is included in case you have finished the battle section of your myth.

21.5.21 - English

Work through the PPt for today's grammar task and myth input.  Then continue to write the next section of your myth as shown.

20.5.21 - English

Follow the PPt and then write up the journey and god's/magical powers sections of your Norse myth.

19.5.21 - English

Look at the Grammar and English PPts and then continue to write your Norse myth.

18.5.21 - English

Look at the grammar and English PPts.  Then complete your plan and write the opening to your Norse myth.

17.5.21 - English

Work through the grammar PPt and then complete the grammar task (choose from mild or hot).  Then work through the English PPt and plan your myth.  You can use the blank planning sheet provided.

13.5.21 - English

Read the grammar PPt and complete the grammar task sheet.

Read the English PPt (Viking myth) and then storyboard the six main events.

12.5.21 - English

Complete the PPt grammar based on complex sentences.

Follow the PPt for writing and complete ideas on the sheet based on the character of Arthur.

11.5.21 - English

Grammar - Follow the PPt and then write a four line kenning for someone in your family to solve.

Writing - Look at the PPt and complete a best copy of your draft poem about books from yesterday.

Monday, 10th May - English

Work through the PPt based on kennings and  then draft your own poem about books using the English PPt to help you.

10.5.21 PSHE: Go through the slides that teach you about the Rights of a Child, then complete the Candle of Promise.

6.5.21 Science: Follow the powerpoint slides, then complete the activity sheet about understand circuit symbols.

5.5.21 History: Follow the slides, then complete the worksheet to show the social structure in Anglo-Saxon times

30.4.21 - English

Follow the PPt to complete today's grammar task and write up your final version of your formal letter.

29.4.21 - English

Look at the PPt to complete the grammar task and edit your letter in preparation for writing up a best copy tomorrow.

Science- Go through the powerpoint to understand the dangers and safe use of electricity. Then create your own poster to show how to stay safe with electricity around the house. Make the poster attractive and informative. Look at the last few slides for examples/ideas.

28.4.21 History- Use the Sources to research and find out why the Anglo-Saxons decided to invade and settle in Britain. You can present your finding in a table or as a spider diagram.

28.04.21 Maths - complete the number lines on each slide by drawing them on a piece of paper. Remember to use a ruler.

28.4.21 - English

Look at the PPt to complete today's grammar task and then continue to write your letter to a Saxon chief using the slides for support.

27.04.21 Maths slides for today. Task - choose a decimal and present in at least 6 different ways.

27.4.21 - English

Follow the PPt to complete the grammar activity and start writing your formal letter.

26.4.21 - English

Follow the PPt to complete the grammar task and plan your own formal letter to a Saxon chief.

26.04.21 Maths - go through slides and complete the task



Go through the powerpoint, then complete the task using the sheet. Please bring it in to school when you return.

23.4.21 - English - look at the PPt and plan your own letter to persuade the Anglo-Saxons to invade Britain. Complete the dialect grammar activity.


Welcome Back!

Please see Other Subjects Tasks and Activities for this week.



Science: Go through the powerpoint on how electricity is made, then using the vocabulary cards, write an explanation on how an electric current is created.

History: Use the smartboard slides to understand who the Anglo-Saxons were, where they came from and the kingdoms they created in Briton. Then mark, colour the kingdoms and label them neatly on the blank map.

Computing: Use a word document  on a laptop/computer to create a timeline of events using the timeline information to show the period of Anglo-Saxon rule in Briton. Try to use text boxes that include a date and an event.


PSHE: This term we will be focusing on Relationships. Follow the information on the powerpoint for Jealousy, then complete the task on the last slide.

ART: We will further develop our drawing skills this term. Use the slides titled 'Bayeux Tapestry' to read and understand why the tapestry is an important element of our history. Study the images carefully, then begin to sketch some of the images form the scenes in the same style using pencil only. Pay close attention to detail such as colours, patterns, numbers and letters.

English week beginning 29.03.21

Monday - see PowerPoint - present your poem in neat using your very best writing. Decorate the border. Bring it into school upon your return to go on display with the rest of the class.

Tuesday - see PowerPoint

Wednesday -  In class, we are doing an extended guided reading but the file is too large to upload. Please read for an extended period of time and think about writing some questions about the text. Start with the 5 Ws and How.  


Remember to bring any work into school with you.

Subjects WB 29.3.2021

Monday - Teeth PPt and activity sheet.

Tuesday - RE - Comparing Islam and Christianity.

Wednesday - Create a poster for promoting dental hygiene.

English week beginning 22.02.21

Monday - see slides and reading test

Tuesday - see slides

Wednesday - see slides

Thursday - no English due to Intrasport day

Friday - see slides

Maths   Week Beginning 22.3.21

Good morning.

This week we will be revising through all the maths we learned in spring term. Please select a revision booklet from the ones given and work your way through as many questions as you can. Aim to spend not more 30-40 a day to complete questions. When you come back to school, remember to bring them with you so your teachers can mark them.

Good luck!


Other Subjects 22.3.2021

Monday - PSHE - smoking PPt, Information and task sheets.

Tuesday - RE - Islam and Christianity PPt then information sheet and task.

Wednesday - Topic - The Aswan Dam - PPt, information sheet then complete Pros and Cons activity sheet.

Thursday - Topic - Cartouche - Make your own cartouche (write your name from top to bottom (vertically) in hieroglyphs.

Friday - Computing - Create your own poster to encourage people to visit the Valley of the Kings, Egypt.  You can use your computer/tablet to research the attraction.  Please ask an adult's permission before accessing online content.

English week beginning 15.03.2021

Other Subjects WB 15th March



History - Ancient Egypt PowerPoint

Choose from: farming, jobs, pyramids, Howard Carter, Rosetta Stone, clothing, food, education, hieroglyphs, the great Sphynx, role of women.

Research your chosen topic and then create a PowerPoint to present to Year 4 children about your area of study.

Maths for this week



Tuesday, 5th January

Good morning everyone.

Please find below the work set for today's remote learning:


Today we are going to learn about the Hindu belief in one god or 'Supreme Being', Brahman.  Look at the PowerPoint and then follow the instructions to create a mind map of the many different images of yourself.  You can use the sheet provided or design your own.


This is a continuation of yesterday's lesson. So, recap yesterday's powerpoint and then complete today's tasks.



Work through the PowerPoint.


4th January 2021

Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year, and welcome back to online learning. We hope that you enjoyed the break and were able to spend time relaxing with your loved ones.

Please see work for today.

For maths, first watch the powerpoint, then complete the attached sheet.


English today is starting to look at proper nouns. Please follow the link on the first page of the PowerPoint. The remainder of today's English was a presentation exercise. In your neatest handwriting, copy out a couple of short paragraphs from a reading book. Remember to join your writing.

Spellings - practise the following - forgetting, forgotten, beginning, beginner, prefer, preferring, gardening, gardener, limiting, limited.


For PSHE, read the PowerPoint and think of some New Year's Resolutions.  You may decorate them and present in any way you wish.

Thursday 3rd December

Good Morning,

Please see work for today.


Wednesday, 2nd December


Work through the PowerPoint. Various other documents are attached.

Tuesday, 1st December


Work through the PowerPoint. You are to look at the online leaflets attached and make a list of the genre features.

Can you find these features in all the leaflets or in just some?


L.O.  To make an Advent wreath.


Look at the PowerPoint and then make your own Advent wreath using any paper/card you may have around your house.  If you have no card/paper, you could always draw and colour a wreath.

Monday 30th November

Good Morning,

Here is maths work for today. Pease follow the powerpoint, then complete answering questions on a sheet of paper and bring to school when you return. Have a good day.

Sorry the English is late! Enjoy.


Good Morning all, it's Friday!

Please see work for today.

Thursday, 26th November


Continue to write your TED talk. Please find attached a useful list of persuasive phrases to help you when you are writing. The slides from yesterday will help you.


Good Morning    25th November

Here's your maths for today.

English for today and tomorrow is to write the TED talk. This is not a short piece of work so will take time to do properly. You will start to edit tomorrow as well as on Friday. Then present to someone at home.



Continue working on the slides from yesterday plus the slides from today.

Monday, 23rd November

Remember to bring all work in with you upon your return to school.



There is a lot of work today so this will continue into tomorrow's lesson.

See the slides. More slides will be added tomorrow.

Spellings to learn - all end in the suffix -ous. poisonous, tremendous, dangerous, jealous, outrageous, adventurous, enormous, famous, generous, nervous. Practise these several times during the week.



Look at the slides and choose three from each section.



Work through the slides and the information sheet. Then you are going to design an e-safety poster about the dangerous of phishing. It should be bright, eye-catching and well-presented. Make sure the information is large, clear to read and to the point. This is planned to take three lessons in school so take your time and don't do it all today.

Friday 20th November


Good Morning,

Here is the maths work for today.

See yesterday's slides for the English work. Perfect your TED talk. You will be writing a more in depth talk next week. Bring your notes with you upon your return to school.

Enjoy the weekend!

19th November

Good Morning!



Look at the slide show and then complete the sheet, recording your thoughts about each image.


Below the project work is the English for the next two days. Again, this unit continues for the next three weeks so you will need to bring all work into school with you upon your return.

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