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Year 4



Guten tag (German)


Welcome to the second day of teachers putting work on for you. Well done to all of you who completed yesterday's work. We were sent a few amazing photographs of your work. We will each choose a photo at the end of the week to share on this page so keep them coming.


I really enjoyed the workout yesterday morning. The kangaroo jumps were brilliant!


Joke of the day: Why did the teddy bear say no to dessert?

Answer will be given tomorrow.


Look at the attached word document and the photograph for guidance on the maths. Remember, this is replacing your school work so should be done with just as much care.


Love from all the Year 4 teachers! smiley

Examples of the tally chart and bar chart/graph

Examples of the tally chart and bar chart/graph 1


Ciao (Italian)


Monday morning!

Today is the start of the teachers putting work on this page for you. Please read each section of the word document (below this message) carefully and look at the end column which gives some tips/further instructions.  


Remember, you can still do the Joe Wicks workout, listen to David Walliams at 11 am and see what the animals are doing at Chester and Edinburgh Zoo.


Please remember that you can ask us any questions on the Year 4 email.


Answer to the joke: A rocket chip!




Work for Monday, 30th March



Hola (Spanish)


Who thinks their leg are going to ache tomorrow after today's workout? Wow! That was tough. I had my little friend helping me again.

She was making sure I was doing all the exercises correctly.


Teachers have been sharing many activities for children and Mrs Garner has found that Chester Zoo are doing live web cam viewings of their animals from 10 am. Chester Zoo is amazing so worth a watch.

Also, David Walliams is reading a story at 11 am every day. Did you listen, yesterday?


Remember, you can contact us on if you want to ask any questions, let us know what you have been doing or send any photos of activities or things you have made.


Check here on Monday morning as there will be three daily activities to complete. Education carries on!


Joke of the day: What is fast, loud and crunchy?

Answer on Monday.


Mrs Scarboro smiley





Answer - A dino-snore!


WOW! I loved the Pikachu jumps in the workout!


Many of you enjoy reading David Walliams books. If you log onto , he is reading a book every day at 11 am. Click on the box called 'Elevenses with the World of David Walliams.'


Love Mrs Scarboro smiley




Good morning, Year 4!


Hope you are all working on your home learning packs. Work will be set on this page every day from Monday so please remember to check daily.

Well done to those of you who have been on TTRS several times already. You are ROCK STARS! Give yourself a pat on your back.yes


Joke - What do you call a sleeping dinosaur?

Answer will be given tomorrow.


Finally, a picture to make you smile.

(Oh, look! I used a fronted adverbial.)


Good morning, Year 4!


Answer: Because he wanted to see time fly!


More jokes will appear in the coming days.


Well done if you joined us doing the Joe Wicks workout. Miss Roberts was also joining in at home. My dog, Annie, joined in with the squats. She kept laying down every time I touched the floor!


Also, well done to a few of you who have already been on TTRS!


Mrs Scarboro smiley

Question matrix to help with reading questions


Good morning, Year 4!


Hope you all enjoyed the Joe Wicks workout. I thought the kangaroo jumps were particular hard. Can't wait for tomorrow's PE.

Remember that this week you are working through the pack that you bought home.

TTRS is always there, as well as reading.

I have put the question matrix on this page for adults to look at to help with questioning about reading.


Joke of the day - Why did the child throw his clock out of the window?


Answer will be revealed tomorrow.


Mrs Scarboro

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