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We hope you have all had a restful half term - we look forward to welcoming all pupils back on Monday the 2nd of November.

Year 4

Monday, 23rd November

Remember to bring all work in with you upon your return to school.



There is a lot of work today so this will continue into tomorrow's lesson.

See the slides. More slides will be added tomorrow.

Spellings to learn - all end in the suffix -ous. poisonous, tremendous, dangerous, jealous, outrageous, adventurous, enormous, famous, generous, nervous. Practise these several times during the week.



Look at the slides and choose three from each section.



Work through the slides and the information sheet. Then you are going to design an e-safety poster about the dangerous of phishing. It should be bright, eye-catching and well-presented. Make sure the information is large, clear to read and to the point. This is planned to take three lessons in school so take your time and don't do it all today.

Friday 20th November


Good Morning,

Here is the maths work for today.

See yesterday's slides for the English work. Perfect your TED talk. You will be writing a more in depth talk next week. Bring your notes with you upon your return to school.

Enjoy the weekend!

19th November

Good Morning!



Look at the slide show and then complete the sheet, recording your thoughts about each image.


Below the project work is the English for the next two days. Again, this unit continues for the next three weeks so you will need to bring all work into school with you upon your return.

18th November

Good Morning,

Please see maths work for today. Follow the powerpoint, then complete the sheet and bring back to school upon return.

Good luck!


We are going to look at the durability of different plastic objects.  Have a look around your house and find some different plastic items. Then complete the sheet below.


1.  Write the item down in the first column; draw it in the second column.  2. You then need to draw diagonal lines (cross hatches) across the object - the thicker and closer the lines, the stronger the plastic.

3.  Write down the strengths (qualities) of each type of plastic used in the final column (e.g long-lasting, strong).


English 18.11.20

Work through the PowerPoint and then complete the tasks. Please bring your completed work with you upon your return to school.

Also practise the spellings -

television, decision, division, invasion, confusion, version, diversion, excursion, pension,



Tuesday, 17th November

Good Morning


Please work through the PowerPoint for English. remember to bring the work with you upon your return to school.

The maths for today is also on a powerpoint and worksheet. Please complete and bring to school when you come back. Have a good day.


RE - Christian Lifestyle

Consider what the aspects of a Christian lifestyle might look like.  E.g. church, prayer, activities.


Create a mind map using the sheet below (or you can create your own).  Then consider why Christians pray.  You could record your thoughts as notes in the second box.


Finally, open the last document to see whether you thought of the examples/ideas given.


Good morning


The English unit starts today and will carry on for 4 weeks. Please bring all work in with you upon your return as you will need it to continue working on the unit. What we will be doing later in the unit will not make sense without having done the work leading up to it.


English today is looking at the setting for a book that we are going to be reading. Look at the PowerPoint and write 3 sentences starting with an -ing verb (non-finite verb). Remember to put the comma after the subordinate clause. e.g. Smiling from behind her mask, the teacher handed out some class points.

Look at the images and complete the grid about what you definitely know from the images, what you think you know and what you would like to know.

In maths we are continuing with Perimeter of shapes. Please follow the powerpoint, then print and complete the sheet. Bring your work to school so any questions you are unsure of can be marked and discussed.


Thank you



Please bring all completed work to school upon your return.


Times tables - practise your 5 x tables (perhaps go on TTRS).


English - turn the introduction and first subheading section of your plan into paragraphs with subheadings. Remember to use present tense, varied sentence starts, lots of facts, formal tone, subordinating conjunctions and generalisers. Generalisers are words or phrases such as - probably, the majority, most, many, usually, etc.

If you are writing on lined paper, write double line spaced. You may type and print out.  


Maths - complete the attached sheet.


Read the attached extra on compasses for guided reading. Look up any unknown words or ask an adult.


1. Handwriting - certain types of join.

Copy out in your neatest handwriting - She sells sea shells on the seashore. The shells she sells are sea-shells, I’m sure. For if she sells sea-shells on the sea-shore, Then I’m sure she sells sea-shore shells.


2. English - We are starting to plan our angler fish report. See the completed planning grid for research facts. Use some of this to plan your own report plus any facts you can remember from Friday. Remember to write in notes and in the order you wish to put the facts in your report. You will need to bring this into school upon your return.


3. Maths - we are measuring the playground using metre rulers. If you have a ruler, practise measuring items in cm and mm. e.g. if a mug is 11 cm tall it will also be 110mm tall.  Measure 10 items. Then play 3 games on Times Tables Rockstars.


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