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Year 3

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Good morning Year 3.

We hope you have all worked hard and have enjoyed this weeks' learning activities  The answers to yesterday's joke and riddle are:

Joke:  What do you call two monkeys that share an Amazon account? Primates (Prime mates).

Riddle:  What five-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?  Short.


Friday's joke, riddle and funfact are:

Joke:  How are false teeth like stars? 

Riddle:  What has to be broken before you can use it?

Fun fact:  Slugs have four noses.


Here are your learning activities for today:


 Yay! It’s the last day of the working week.

Today you are going to play a guessing game. There can be two or more players.

Each of these video links will play the sound of an animal and show you choices at the same time. Get an adult to play and pause the video immediately after the sound. You have to listen to the sound and choose 1 animal. When the answer is revealed, give yourself a point if you got the right answer. Keep a tally chart of you score. At the end of the two videos, count up your points The person who scores the highest points after the two videos is the winner. Have fun.

Here are the links:


Maths –

Today, we’re going to do some family Maths riddles! Work on them as a family, then check your answers using the document attached. How many can you crack?

(If you’d rather do them over the weekend, it might be easier.)

Skills Practice: Play Hit the Button for 3, 4 and 8 x tables for 5-10 minutes. How much has your score improved over the week?


OS – Let’s finish the week off with a bang! (and a treat, if you are allowed).

Can you make some animal cupcakes to complete a successful week?

Take note of what measuring equipment you use and how you measure, as we may be doing more of this next week.

Use a basic cake recipe and then have fun with the animal toppings!



Good morning Year 3!

Today's joke, riddle and fun fact are:

Joke:  What do you call two monkeys that share an Amazon account?  Primates.

Riddle:  What five letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it? Short.

Fun fact:  The shark is the only fish that can blink with both eyes.


Thursday's learning activities are:


Let’s have some fun! Today we would like you to make a funny comic strip. Imagine two rainforest animals having a conversation. What do you think they might talk about? Here are some examples.

Now it’s your turn. Use the blank template to create your own. Remember to make it funny and share your work with us too.


“Where’s the maths in this?”

Have a look at the picture below. How many different ways can you link it to maths? For example, does it have any of the lines we’ve learnt about this week in it, or previously (horizontal/vertical)? Any shapes you know? What about angles? Could you use a ruler to find some maths? Or counting, fractions or times tables? Anything at all to do with maths!

Write your ideas in your book and send us a picture.

Challenge – How could the artist have included more maths?


Skills Practice: Play Hit the Question for 4 and 8 x tables for 5-10 minutes.


Yesterday’s answers:

Contain parallel lines: Z, N (plus M)

Contain both (middle section): (E, F, H)

Contain perpendicular lines: L (plus T, I and possibly K depending on font)

Do not fit: A, C, X, (plus W, Y, A, V and any letter with a curve in it)


OS – Rainforest bingo!  Eyes down, time for a game of bingo but it will test your knowledge on the animals of the rainforest!


Hello Year 3 on this fine July morning!
Today's joke, riddle and fun fact are:

Joke:  Why do birds fly south for the winter?  Because it is too far to walk.

Riddle:  What question can you never answer yes to?  Are you asleep?

Fun fact:  As well as having unique finger prints, we all have unique tongue prints.


Here are today's learning activities:


By now we hope you have got lots of understanding of where the rainforests are located and how important they are to keep the Earth cool. You may have also discovered that it is home to a vast variety of plants and animals. So, today your task is to create a fact file of one rainforest animal. You can use any resource you like such as:

Websites (child friendly of course!)



Newspaper Articles



Remember to draw the animal, colour it and make your fact file colourful and interesting to read.



Alphabetti Spaghetti!! Or not!

Draw this Venn Diagram into your book and sort out the letters shown. Remember, if a letter contains both types of lines, it goes in the middle section. If it contains neither, it goes outside the circles.

Challenge: Can you sort the rest of the alphabet? Use capital letters only.


Skills Practice: Play Hit the Button for 4 and 8 x tables for 5-10 minutes.  Make a note of your scores so you can compare later in the week.


Yesterday’s answer: The xylophone, the jewel, the pie and the book contained parallel lines.


DT – Time for fun, how many animals of the rainforest could you name?

Use the link below to select and make one of the rainforest animals. You may wish to make more than one – don’t forget to send some great photos, we are waiting to see them.


Good morning Year 3.  We can't believe it is the last day of June already!

Today's joke, riddle and fun fact are:

Joke:  How can a leopard change it's spots?  Move it from one spot to another.

Riddle:  What is so fragile that saying it's name breaks it?  Silence.

Fun fact:  Pigs can't look up at the sky.  It is physically impossible for them.  They can lie down to see the sky, but they can not see it from a standing position.  The anatomy of their neck muscles won't let them look totally upwards.  The only way left to see the sky, or rather it's reflection, is by looking in the mud.


Here are Tuesday's learning tasks:

English – Follow the link included to research and understand more about Rainforests. You can show your understand by making a mind map or spider diagram. A blank template is included here. You can use this or make your own mind map. You can also include drawings and fun facts!



Skills Practice: Play Hit the Question for 3 and 4 x tables for 5-10 minutes.


Today, we’re going to find out about parallel lines. Can you remember what yesterday’s video told you about parallel lines? Watch it again if you need to.

Spend some time today thinking of where in real life you see pairs of lines which never meet, and never get further apart – pairs of parallel lines. These could be around your house or garden, or away from home, such as railway lines, the sides of a ladder or in telegraph wires. How many examples can you come up with? If you go for a walk today, you could take photos where you see them, or make a list and email it to us 😊.


Optional challenge: (Answers will be given tomorrow.)Yesterday’s answer: The bus, the kite and the bag contained perpendicular lines.

DT –

Continue yesterday’s project. Keep working to complete your Rainforest Diorama. We can wait to see your amazing creations!


Good morning Year 3!

Here's your joke, riddle and fun fact for today:

Joke:  What is worse than raining cats and dogs?  Hailing taxis.

Riddle:  I shave all day but I have a beard.  What am I?  A barber.

Fun fact:  Approximately 71% of earth is covered in water.


Today's learning is:


This week we our learning is themed around ‘Rainforests’.

Do you know what Rainforests are or where they are in the world? Do you know how they got the name Rainforests?

Let’s begin by watching and listening to this story.

What did you understand about the rainforest?

Now, use this power point to read and understand, then complete marking the map to show where Rainforests are located in the world. Make sure your map is neatly done. You can also use colours to show the different countries.

Maths –

This week, we’re going to be looking at two special types of lines called parallel and perpendicular. Watch this video to learn a little more:

Your task today is to find as many sets of perpendicular lines as you can around your house or garden – to make it different from last week, try and find examples where these two lines cross, rather than just meet, like this:

If you still have your right angle finder, this could come in handy again!


Each day this week there will be a Challenge and some Skills Practise. You only need to do one each day, it’s your choice which!


Skills Practice: Play Hit the Button for 3 and 4 x tables for 5-10 minutes. Make a note of your scores so you can compare later in the week.


Challenge: If you want a little more! The answer will be shared tomorrow.

DT -  Let’s make our very own Rainforest or diorama

Can you find out what a diorama is?




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