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Year 1

Hello boys and girls! If you are at home and need to contact us, please use the email address smiley

Hello Year 1's




Welcome back!


If you are unable to join us in school, here is the work that we will be doing. Remember to send anything you do to us so we can see how hard you are working. 


Hopefully we will see you soon! 


Miss Roberts and Mrs Smith laugh

Maths for week beginning 19th July


This week we would like you to revisit lots of the skills we have learnt this year. Each day, complete a couple of activities from the workbook below.



English work for Monday 19th July


Today we will enjoy the whole story.



Stop as you go through and talk about the developing story, how do the characters feel etc.  Where has the rabbit disappeared to? Has he been eaten?


Draw a picture of the bear and animals.

Think of a sentence with your grownup and then write it carefully.

You could write about your favourite part of the story or what happens next.


Don’t forget to send your final work to us so that we can see it!  

English Tuesday 20th July

Go through he Power point learning how to add 'er' to words to compare them.

Now choose one of the words and with a grownup add 'er' and then have a go at putting it into a sentence. 

Choose some more words and then write them done try to write 4 sentences.

English work for Wednesday 20th July

Today we are learning how to add 'est' to a word to find the superlative!  just like yesterday choose a word then add 'est'.  

With your grown up think of a sentence with the word in it.

EG tall - tallest

My tower is the tallest in the class.



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