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Please note that school is currently closed to the majority of our pupils. If you feel your child qualifies for a place (according to the Government guidelines) please contact the school office.

Year 1

Please feel free to contact the Year 1 team at if you have any questions, or you want to show us some work, or just say hello. Take care and we hope to see you soon. 

Tuesday 31st March.

Morning All Year 1's we hope you enjoyed doing your work yesterday.  Did you remember to put all the socks back, Mum or Dad wont be happy to have cold toes!  It would be lovely to see some of your flower pictures so don't forget to send us some pictures to the address above. 


Don't forget to join in with Joe Wicks every morning on YouTube for a morning wake up smiley



Watch the video posted yesterday from 5 to 12 minutes. Talk about the main events and write some sentences. Here are some words you may want to use: Judas   30 pieces of silver   Jesus   feet   disciples bread  wine


Rehearse your sentence and sound out words carefully.

Capital letters.

Finger spaces.

Full stops.

Check it makes sense.



Using your clock you took home a couple of weeks ago or if you can't find it just draw around a plate in your book write in the numbers 12 6 3 & 9 then add 1, 2, 4,5,7,8,10,11 .  Then go round and add the minutes counting in 5's just like you did yesterday. So you put 5 by the 1 and 10 by the 2 etc. maybe use a different colour pen for the minutes.  Through the day look at the clocks in your home to see what time it is, make sure you find digital and analogue clocks. 



We have a challenge for you today.  Go outside, we looked at the forecast and we think it will be sunny, with a ball and see how many times you can throw it up and catch it with out dropping it.  Keep practicing and then ask Mum or Dad to count how many you did.   Now email us your score and we shall see how well you all did. 



Monday 30th March

Morning children here is some work for you to do today.


Watch the video up to 5:30, talk about the main events. Write some sentences. Remember to:

Rehearse your sentence and sound out each word.

Capital letters for the start of sentences and names.

Finger spaces.

Full stops.

Check it makes sense.

Here are some words that may help you.

Jesus      Jerusalem   donkey   palm leaves

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