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Thank you all for your hard work during lockdown! We look forward to seeing you all on Monday 8th March!

Year 1

Welcome back girls and boys if you have to stay at home here is some work to keep you busy till you can come back to us at school.  If you need to you can contact us on email if you have any questions, or you want to show us some work, or just say hello. smiley

Hello Year 1's




Hello Year 1!

Here is the Phonic work for this week.  Just do your best and sound out the words, if you go slowly you will work it out!  


English work for week beginning Monday 8th March
Monday 8th 

Here we are girls and boys the English lessons for the week ! We carrying on the work on Bob the man in the moon.  Watch this video  up till 3.41.  Bob loves his job so has to think of ways of getting more visitors to come and visit.  Think about adverts you see on the TV and the colours and words they use.  

Your job is to make a poster that will get people to go and visit Bob on the moon!

Tuesday 9th

Today we would like you look around your house and garden.  Really look and think about all the parts you like. Now you are going to write about your house imagine you are telling someone about your house who has never seen it before.  How many bedrooms are there? What colour carpets or walls do you have?  Try and use lots of describing words.

Wednesday 10th 

Today you can watch the video again this time all the way through!  Look at the pictures and try and spot all the aliens.  What are your favourite scenes?  What is happening in the pictures that isn't said in the text?  What do we know that Bob doesn't know?  See if you can find other books like this.  eg Rosie's walk

or Come away from the water Shirley


Thursday 11th 

Watch the video again.

Now with your grownup retell the story thinking about time words to move the story on.

On your story map draw a picture for each of the main parts. 

Friday 12th 

Think back over the story and choose which is your favourite part.  Why is it your favourite? What happens in it?  Choose one of the characters and think what they would be saying.  On your speech bubble write what they would say.  

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