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We return to school on Monday 7th June - see you then!

Year 1

Hello boys and girls! If you are at home and need to contact us, please use the email address smiley

Hello Year 1's




Welcome back!


If you are unable to join us in school, here is the work that we will be doing. Remember to send anything you do to us so we can see how hard you are working. 


Hopefully we will see you soon! 


Miss Roberts and Mrs Smith laugh

Maths for week beginning 14th June


Watch the video lessons below. Any resources you need will be beneath them. 



There is no maths for today because we are having an Opening Ceremony for our new topic - The Olympics! We will be parading around the field and having a go at a few sports too. 


Instead, today you could practice writing the numbers 0-9. Think carefully about how you form these numbers. 

15.06.21- To compare numbers up to 100

Watch the video. Then, you are going to need number cards with the numbers 1-9. Choose 2 cards at random to make a 2-digit number. Create two 2-digit numbers and then compare them using the symbols < or >.

Repeat 6 times.

16.06.21 - To compare numbers up to 100

17.06.21 - To order numbers up to 100

Put these numbers in order from smallest to largest:

1. 34, 85, 29, 64, 72
2. 49, 26, 58, 39, 13
3. 75, 23, 45, 36, 28
4. 91, 18, 84, 38, 64
5. 28, 52, 82, 56, 40

18.06.21 - To find one more and one less

English work 14th June 

Monday 14th 

We are practicing how to present our work in the best way we can.  With your adult think of a sentence. It might be about what you had for breakfast or what game you have played.  Say the sentence a few times and then ask you grown up to write the first word.  You are going to copy it making sure there is a capital letter!  Then go onto the next word and so on.  Make sure all your letters are sitting on the line and that you are forming them correctly.  Don't forget finger spaces and a full stop at the end! At the end look at your sentence and hopefully be impressed with how neat it is!  Well done.





Tuesday 15th 

Do you know what a leaflet is?

Look at the picture of one.

What features can you see? 

Write a list ready for tomorrow.

Tuesday 15th Powerpoint

English Wednesday 16th 

look at the leaflet picture from yesterday and any leaflets you found at home.  

Check through your list made yesterday.

Look at the grid and see if you had thought of all the features.

Now look at the grid and mark off all the features you found.



Thursday and Friday 17th & 18th 

Over the next 2 days you are going to fill in your own Sun Safety leaflet.  Look at the pictures and together with you adult make up a sentence and write it in the correct box then add a heading and draw and colour a picture.   Keep going until you have completed the whole leaflet.  take your time you have 2 days to do it in.

Keep it safe because it has important information on it for the summer!


Well done send me a picture because I would love to see it :) 

Blank leaflet for filling in.

Activity 4

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