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Welcome to Year 6!


Year 6 are taught by Miss Fox, Mrs Price, Miss Watts and Mr Walker, supported by the expertise of Miss Pavey and Mrs Roberts.


In the Summer term, we will be continuing to explore the rainforest but focussing on the Amazon River and how rivers are formed. 

In Maths, we are revising certain areas to consolidate all that we have learned in preparation for the SATs tests.

In English, we are continuing to write in a variety of genres and apply our Year 6 skills; this includes a biography on Charles Darwin, a discussion text on social media and poetry linked to our Geography topic. 

In Science, we are rounding off our learning on evolution and beginning to learn about the heart and the circulatory system. 

In Art, we will be practising a variety of techniques on a rainforest theme.


Maths and English Homework will be set on a Friday on Education City and will be due in the following Friday. As a reminder, we would like the children to have their diaries in school every day and for them to try and read five times each week.





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Information for Families documents - please read these to find out what your Year 6 child will be studying each term.

Ancient Greek Day

On Wednesday 31st November, Year 6 children participated in an Ancient Greek Day. They arrived at school in fantastic costumes, including Greek citizens, gods and goddesses and characters from Greek myths. The children rotated round three activities throughout the day, taking part in a Mini Olympics, cooking and drama.


In the Mini Olympics, the children had a go at several events that would have taken place in the Ancient Olympics: discus, javelin, running, long jump and finishing with chariot racing, using teddies as their rider! The winner of each chariot race was crowned with an olive wreath, in which the leaves would have been taken from a sacred tree that was located at Olympia behind the temple dedicated to Zeus.


During their cooking session, the children made an ancient recipe, fried pancakes with honey. They thoroughly enjoyed making (and eating!) their pancakes, especially having a go at flipping them!


Whilst doing drama, the children explored the story of The Trojan Horse, considering what life would have been like for Hoplites and learning about the weapons and armour they would have had.


We ended the day with a food tasting session where the children had the opportunity to taste some traditional Ancient Greek food! They ate apple, pear, cucumber, celery, bread dipped in olive oil, olives and some even tried anchovies!


Overall, we had a brilliant day and we hope the children enjoyed being an Ancient Greek for the day!

Greek Day

Heart dissection 24/04/18

QEGS art session with Miss Brinsley - scratch art - 07/02/18

Dean Lomax talk - 07/02/18

Year 6 myths display - extracts from myths written by pupils, with illustrations

These were also made by 6H - posters and other artefacts. Mr Hyde really liked the temples and the helmet!

Long multiplication by Year 6 - 30/09/16

A video by Year 6 at Horncastle Primary School, made on 30th September 2016, that explains how to use long multiplication to solve 654 x 39. Please watch this if you are unsure about this method!

Long division by Year 6 - 05/10/16

A video by Year 6 at Horncastle Primary School, made on 5th October 2016, that explains how to use long division to solve 525 / 15.

Complex Sentences by Year 6 - 09/02/17

A video by Year 6 at Horncastle Primary School, made on 9th February 2017, that explains what complex sentences are and how to use them. The following are discussed: relative clauses, subordinate clauses, embedded clauses and adverbial phrases.

Butterfly method for dividing fractions

Dividing fractions quickly is easy with the butterfly math trick!

Have a look at what Year 6 got up to in the year 2016-17!

Author and illustrator Gail Clarke inspires Year 6!

Dean Lomax (paleontologist) visit 01/02/17

6H visit to QEGS to investigate Archimedes' principle 02/11/16

Science experiment into how light works - September 2016

Ancient Greece posters

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