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Our next class assembly will be held by Year 2 Otters on the 20th June. Please come to the Lower School Hall at 9.05 to see all the children's hard work!


Welcome to Year 4!


Year 4 are taught by Mrs Scarboro, Miss Roberts, Mrs Shaw and Mrs Dunning, supported by the expertise of Mrs Leesing, Mrs Cannon and Mrs Lawson.


In the Autumn terms, our theme has a History focus on Ancient Egypt. We will be learning: about the importance of the River Nile; finding out about what we know about the Egyptians from the findings made in pyramids and their tombs; mummification (including an exciting experiment) as well as Egyptian gods.


In Maths, we will be revising place value and the four operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We will also be working on converting between analogue and digital clocks using the 12 and 24 hour clocks.  We will compare and classify quadrilaterals and triangles, identify lines of symmetry and work out the acute, obtuse and right angles in a variety of shapes. We will continue to learn how to recognise and show equivalent fractions before moving on to calculating fractions of amounts.  We will read, understand and interpret bar charts, pictograms and time graphs. We will measure and calculate the perimeter and area of shapes and practice estimating and converting to different measurements.


In English, we will focus on developing our story writing skills based on our class book “Flat Stanley – The Great Egyptian Grave Robbery” by S. Pennypacker.  We are also researching Ancient Egyptian daily life and creating our own non-chronological reports.  In Term 2, we will look at stories from other cultures including the story of Osiris.   We will also be revising and learning new grammar skills for them to apply in their writing.  We will move on to look at analysing the features of narrative poetry and write our own poems.


In Science, we will be finding out all about the human body and how the digestive system works as well as how to care for our teeth.   In Art and DT, we will be creating pieces representing the River Nile, using a variety of materials.  We will find out about papyrus paper, hieroglyphics and the importance of the Rosetta stone to enable us to create our own cartouche.  We will even be making our own shadufs and testing them to see if they work!


More detailed information about our areas of study can be found by clicking on the 'Information for Families' star below.


Maths and Spelling Homework will be set on a Friday and will be due in the following Thursday.


Class homework will be set on the Wednesday and is due in the following Tuesday.


As a reminder, we would like the children to have their reading diaries, reading books, and homework diaries in school every day and for them to aim to read five times each week.



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