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Who's Who

In 2021/22, our staff list is as follows.



Mr Bladon


Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Cox


Assistant Headteacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead and EYFS/KS1 Phase Leader)

Mrs Leak


Inclusion Leader (previously Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)

Miss Gladding (Mrs Greenfield, Maternity Cover)


Pastoral Team

Mrs Kerwick - Pupil Wellbeing Leader

Mrs Latham - Pastoral Support Assistant

Mrs Ferrari - Counsellor


Class Teachers


Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception and Nursery)

Mrs Craigs - Dormice 

Mrs Clarke (Mon, Tues) and Miss Weightman (Weds - Fri) - Moles 

Mrs Garner - Badgers


Key Stage 1


Year 1:

Miss Roberts - Foxes

Mrs Smith (Mrs Leak, Fridays) - Rabbits


Year 2:

Mrs Thompson (Mon, Wed am) and Miss King (Wed pm - Fri) - Otters

Miss Stanfield - Frogs


Key Stage 2


Year 3:

Mrs Barr - 3B

Mrs Barnes and Ms Dawson- 3BD

Mrs Chevli (Lower KS2 Phase Leader) (Mrs Cox Mondays)- 3C


Year 4:

Mr Bird- 4B

Mrs Dinesh - 4D


Year 5:

Miss Fox - 5F

Mrs Scarboro - 5S

Mrs Shaw (Mon - Weds am) and Mrs Price (Weds pm - Fri) - 5SP



Year 6:

Miss Austin - 6A

Mr Walker (Upper KS2 Phase Leader) - 6W


Support Staff:

Mrs Ashton

Mrs Bodily

Mrs Burn

Mrs Cannon

Mrs Elks

Mrs Elvin 

Mrs Jackson

Mrs Janney

Mrs Kerwick

Mrs Lawson

Mrs Lea

Mrs Lowe

Mrs S. Leesing
Mrs Lloyd

Mrs Midmer

Mrs Parrott

Ms Pavey

Mrs Roberts

Mrs Ross

Mrs Spooner

Mrs Taylor

Mrs Thomas

Mrs Sherburn


Administrative Staff

Mrs Jones (Office Manager)

Mrs Whittemore (Office Administrator)

Miss Taylor (Office Apprentice)


Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss Burnett


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Ashton

Mrs Ashley

Mrs Barnard

Miss Burnett

Mrs Jackson

Mr Johnson

Mrs Lloyd

Mrs Robinson

Mrs Scowen

Mrs Taylor

Miss Walker
Miss Williams



Site Manager

Mr Crawford


Cleaning Staff

Miss Burnett
Mrs Millthorpe

Miss O'Connor


Breakfast Club

Mrs Taylor

Mrs Jackson

Mrs Robinson


Staff enjoying World Book Day 2019!

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