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School Trips

On Monday 16th September, Year 4 visited ‘The Deep’ to find out about different sea creatures and their habitats in the different ocean layers.  The trip covered a variety of our Science learning objectives about animals and their habitats as part of our project ‘The Blue Abyss’.


They took part in a workshop where they participated in a range of activities:

  1. The children used magnifying glasses to study coral skeletons.  They found out that coral is made up of lots of animals (coral polyps) living together on a skeleton type structure.  We know they are animals because they have mouths and digest food in their stomachs.  At night they pop out of the skeleton to feed on tiny floating animals called zooplankton.
  2. They used books to research the location of coral reefs, discovering that they liked to live in warm, shallow waters.
  3. They made food chains and learnt that each food chain begins with plants.  They learned the terminology: prey, predator and top level predator.  They learned that the arrow points to the animal that is eating (consuming) the prey.


It was a fantastic day out, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all children (and staff)! 

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