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A school councillor is a pupil who represents their class and helps to make decisions for the school. This is done twice a term to discuss ideas and suggestions classes have come up with. The councillors elect a chairperson, vice-chairperson and secretaries from Year 6.
Being a school councillor makes you feel self-confident because you are making changes to your own school, and makes you feel special and like you're in control. You need to be reliable, responsible and well organised.
If you want more events like sponsored walks, cake sales and poster competitions; if you have ideas for new equipment like the new bird boxes in the wildlife area and the new playground games; or want to suggest other ways of improving our school then you know who to contact... the School Council!
Year 6 School Councillor


The School Council provides a voice for all pupils within the school.  Each class elects two members who attend meetings.  The children offer ideas from their peers and feed back to their individual classes.  The council considers many issues in school, including the refurbishment of shared areas/facilities and deciding on fundraising initiatives.


Children in Need

Ms Christie and the School Council

Ms Christie and the School Council 1
Ms Christie, one of the school governors, came to our School Council meeting to talk about how we keep safe and share our worries.

School Council 2018-19

School Council 2018-19 1

School Council 2017-18

School Council 2017-18 1

Year 6 councillors

Year 6 councillors 1

Year 4 and 5 councillors

Year 4 and 5 councillors 1

Year 2 and 3 councillors

Year 2 and 3 councillors 1
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