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There are various online resources available to inform you and your child about the importance of E-safety at home and at school.


Please see some ideas below.

1. CEOP Resources for Teachers - click here.

This website has lots of information and resources for teaching online safety.


2. Professor Garfield. This is an excellent app starring Garfield that teaches children about cyberbullying through a comic and games. It is free to download from the app store for Apple devices from this link. It is not currently available for other devices (e.g. Android).

3. Hector's World - click here.



This is an excellent resource full of online safety information. Aimed at Key Stage 1.

Hector's World Episode 1

Internet Safety and Cyberbullying

4. KidSmart -click here.

This is a very comprehensive website for learning all aspects of looking after yourself online, such as digital footprints, how to use the internet safely, recommended safe search sites and 'smart rules' for using the internet. Aimed at Key Stage 2.

5. Zip It, Block It, Flag It - click here.


This code has been developed by the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS). It's also known as the 'Click Clever, Click Safe' code. The site sets out the aspects for each part of the code and the important of following each step to help use the internet safely and understand the risks of being online. Aimed at everyone.

6. ThinkUKnow - click here.

Clear information about how to use the internet, set out in a very user-friendly way. Aimed at Key Stage 1.

7. ParentInfo - click here.

Launched alongside The Parent Zone, this website provides information for parents on lots of different issues that may be concerning you about your child's welfare. Aimed at parents of children of all ages.

8. Childnet - click here.

A really useful website with lots of important and easy-to-use resources for making the internet safe for children.

9. Parent Zone - click here.

'Making the internet work for families' - launched in partnership with Google, this website has got lots of information and resources to support you and your children in using the internet safely. The Digital Parenting magazine, which has current and previous issues available freely as PDFs on the site, has lots of very useful information and articles inside.

10. BBC Own It - click here.

Lots of videos and quizzes around using technology safely and discussing issues that affect children. Aimed at Key Stage 2.

11. Growing Up Digital - click here.

The Children's Commissioner has created a document called 'Growing Up Digital', which highlights issues and concerns about how children are using the internet, and what can be done to help.

12. Digital Literacy - click here.

SWGfL have created this collection of digital literacy resources for all age groups.

13. Safer Internet - click here.

This site collects resources, links, research and guidance for all ages, including parents.

14. Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Partnership - click here.

LSCP website with information on internet safety for parents, professionals and children.

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