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Please note that school is currently closed to the majority of our pupils. If you feel your child qualifies for a place (according to the Government guidelines) please contact the school office.


Tuesday 31st  March


Good morning! Hope you are all well and looking forward to the day ahead!


Did you guess the answer to the riddle?


A towel


Today’s challenges…


  • Have a look in the kitchen cupboards and find some tins and packets of food. Set up a shop. Ask a grown up for some coins to use in your shop. You could even make an open and close sign or think of a name for your shop. Invite family members to come to your shop and buy some food.

You could even make some prices for the food in your shop


  • Have a look around your house – how many things can you find that begin with S. I’ll start you off, saucepan, scissors, skirt etc

Can you find more than 5?


  • This is something you could do in the bath or you could fill the kitchen sink up with water! Choose 6 objects from around the house that a grown up says are ok to get wet. (a coin, a cork, a small rubber ball etc)  Guess if they will float or sink in the water. Test them out - were you right?

You could even look for some natural objects outside in the garden to test out!


Today’s Riddle…


What’s green, but not a leaf; copies others, but is not a monkey?


Answer tomorrow


Have fun, be kind and helpful and let me know how you get on at

You can also contact me on this email if you have any questions or concerns


Mrs Craigs x





Monday 30thMarch


Hi Everyone! Hope you are all keeping well? Has anyone been doing the Joe Wicks workout? In our house we have been doing it at 9.00am and it sets us up for the day!!


Today’s challenges!

  • Look for signs of spring! Go for a safe walk with members of your family (remember social distancing) and look for some signs of spring. If you can’t get out for a walk. Go into the garden and see if you can find some signs of spring.


You could even take a photo of them on your parent’s phone, email it to me and I could add them to your learning journey!




  • Ask your Mum or Dad to read you a story. This could be your favourite story or one you haven’t heard for a while!

You could even read some of your favourite stories to your teddies




  • Help your Mum or Dad lay the table for lunch or dinner. How many plates, cups, bowls, knives, forks and spoons do you need etc.
    Check you have enough for everyone? If it’s just 2 of you, invite a teddy or 2 to join you at the table – make sure they have plates etc as well!!


You could count how many knives, forks and spoons you have used all together! (And help with the washing up!!)



Have fun, be kind and helpful and let me know how you get on at

You can also contact me on this email if you have any questions or concerns


Todays Riddle!


What gets wet when it’s drying?


Answer tomorrow!


Mrs Craigs






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