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Year 5 Victorian day

Year 5 had a Victorian day on Tuesday 5th December. All children dressed up like Victorian children and experienced life in a classroom of the time - it was certainly very different to nowadays! Some of the children have written about the day below.


I wish I was a Victorian girl because I like nearly everything they did. I enjoyed my day and had lots of fun. My favourite part was the handwriting. I liked my Victorian name as well. It was Louisa S.

How to write

If you were left-handed in Victorian times, you were forced to write with your right hand. If the teacher caught you writing with your left hand, then you would wear the dunce’s hat or you could get the cane. The Victorians wrote in a very beautiful way. If you didn’t do your writing neatly and perfectly, you would have to do it over and over again until you got it right! The sentence we wrote was ‘Good leaders make good followers ’. Now the writing has changed but I still like the Victorian writing better.
Louisa S.



If you didn’t sit up straight repeatedly, you would get caned and if it was just the once, the teacher smacked his cane on the desk and scarily shouted, “Sit up straight!”

Zachariah W


My favourite part of the Victorian day was sewing a button onto a piece of patterned cloth. I thought it would be hard because I had never done it before but we were given instructions and did it together. It turns out that I really enjoyed it so I was happy in the end. Remember, just because I have a favourite part doesn’t mean that it’s nice being a Victorian!

Alva C


On Victorian day, there were lots of odd names but my name was Rowena! (Cool, right?)

Registration Time

At registration, EVERYBODY had to be there, or it was the cane for them! We all stood behind our seats, girls with their hands in front and boys with their hands behind their backs. When your name was called out, you had to curtsey or bow to your teacher and say either, “Yes, Ma’am” or, “Yes, Sir”. Instead of nowadays where we have electric computers to do the register, in Victorian schools they had a bit of paper with the register on a page.

Terrible Tables

After registration, we moved on to arithmetic. We had to chant our times tables. Then Mr Bird picked out at random some children to stand and answer a question. Mr Bird asked me. “3 times 2” so I stood up, looked forward and answered clearly, “3 times 2 equals 6, Sir.” The odd thing was that someone else couldn’t answer the EXACT same question!

Rowena B


When Mrs Elks rang the bell, we all ran to the football pitch. As soon as I saw all my friends’ costumes, I immediately felt like a Victorian child.

Katherine G

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