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Y6 Scarborough Visit

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Day 3

The day started with a 7 am wake up call. Showers, tidy bedrooms and then breakfast. We then travelled to Dalby Forest for a day of shelter building and orienteering. We split into two groups. The shelter building was hugely popular and the children impressed us with their teamwork skills and a range of different structures. The orienteering activity started via a small course and the children were taught different skills ready for the bigger challenge of the Dalby Forest orienteering course. We set off in teams and were challenged to follow a variety of different routes. The children worked extremely well together and each team arrived back on time! The visit ended with a ‘quick’ bit of shopping at the Visitor Centre.

After evening dinner, we played the Beetle Drive game in one of the hotels. Next, the lights were dimmed and the music turned on – disco time! After a few well-known hits, we then enjoyed a relaxing walk next to the sea. On returning to our hotels, we enjoyed a drink and biscuit and then bed! Another busy day!


Text extracts from the children:


Day 2

‘We woke up at 7 am (some of us were up a little bit before that!) and were very excited about the day ahead. As we walked into the dining room, a lovely aroma of freshly cooked bacon and egg grabbed our attention. We could choose from: a bacon bap or fried egg on toast. We also had jam or marmalade on toast and cereal - they were all very flavoursome!’ 


‘Once we’d eaten our food and packed our day bags, we set off for the journey to Robin Hood’s Bay. When we arrived, we took our trainers off and changed into our wellies. We clambered down a steep hill and followed a track to lead us to the sandy beach. On our way down we saw many different houses and cottages from the past (linked to our learning in Year 6). There were many different roads and tracks that led to secret passages. We finally arrived on the beach.’


Day 3

‘Orienteering – Dalby Forest. We were given a small map and we used a key to find certain posts and a scale to estimate the distance. After that, we were handed the main map, which directed us to each post. Our groups then decided on a particular trail, consequently everyone set off in excitement, eager to finish first. Later on, we all visited the souvenir shop!’


Photos added below.


Day 2

The children had a good night - we were all impressed with their excellent behaviour and the speed in which they went to sleep!!!!  


The day started with a trip to Robin Hood's Bay. This included exploring the rock pools and a walk around the village.  The weather was fair with a little rain at times.


We then moved onto Whitby, which included the boat trip, karting and a spot of shopping. The weather was good with plenty of sunshine!


After a great evening dinner, we played games on the field and then enjoyed an extremely informative magic lantern show.


The children and staff continue to have a great time and we will include some text from the Y6s tomorrow. They are eating well and have gone to their bedrooms ready for another good night's sleep!  


A few additional photographs have been added.  



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