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Our next class assembly will be held by Year 2 Otters on the 20th June. Please come to the Lower School Hall at 9.05 to see all the children's hard work!


Children are given the opportunity to explore a range of percussion instruments and take up instrumental lessons, which are offered within school by a range of visiting teachers.  The musical elements are also explored further through class and year group singing, with a contemporary songwriter focus in upper KS2.  It is the school's belief that all children should be able to access and explore the music curriculum.  


All teaching and learning is closely linked to key ongoing skills which ensure progression throughout the school.  These skills fall into five key areas of study:

  • Controlling sounds through singing and playing (performing).
  • Creating and developing musical ideas (composing).
  • Musical notation (graphic and standard).
  • Responding and reviewing (appraising).
  • Listening and applying knowledge and understanding.


Music within school is enhanced further through a range of opportunities to perform throughout the school year, such as the Christmas and Easter concerts.


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