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Governing Body

Welcome to the Governors' section

The Governing Body is organised into three committees, with the majority of Governors serving on two committees. The three committees are:


Staffing and Finance Committee

This sub-committee is responsible for staffing matters including relevant policies and associated decision making, maintaining appropriate staffing levels and overseeing the appraisal process.

They are also responsible for strategic financial planning, monitoring, decision making and ensuring compliance with statutory guidance (including relevant policies).


Pupil Welfare, Curriculum and Standards Committee

This committee is responsible for the annual School Improvement Plan and monitors the progress of the areas of the curriculum under review. It also monitors the progress children make with support from our School Improvement partner.


Property and General Purposes Committee

This committee monitors the condition of the site including security and health and safety.


Following each pattern of committee meetings there is a meeting of the full Governing Body. These meetings are held four times a year.
The Governing Body consists of Parent Governors, Staff Governors, Co-opted Governors and LA Governors.


If you require any additional information to that detailed below, please contact Louise Long, Clerk to the Governors. Please find her contact details below.

Meet our Governors

The Governing Body Membership


Chair of Governors

Miss Kathy Christie

Vice – Chair

Miss Claire Parker


Mr T Bollan 

Mr N Brooks

Mrs K Cox

Mrs R Green

Mrs Nic Kelsey

Mr J McCarroll


Clerk to the Governors

Mrs Louise Long

Horncastle Community Primary School, Bowl Alley Lane, Horncastle, Lincolnshire LN9 5EH Tel. 01507 522662