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French is taught throughout Key Stage 2 (7-11). We aim to give the children an introduction to the language and then further their development as they progress through school. Children are encouraged to ask and answer questions, use correct pronunciation and grammar, memorise words, understand basic grammar, use dictionaries, work in pairs and groups and communicate in another language. Topics include family, children and body parts, likes, dislikes and opinions, numbers, colours, shopping and clothes, animals and school, general routines, seasonal studies such as Christmas, Easter and weather conditions linked to holidays. Children use a variety of teaching and learning strategies to help, such as singing, repetition, show and tell, chanting, using the Interactive Smart Whiteboard and the schemes 'Jolie Ronde' and 'Linguascope' (Computing-based resources with lots of interactive learning games). Our goal is to make French fun while providing a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding.


Horncastle Community Primary School, Bowl Alley Lane, Horncastle, Lincolnshire LN9 5EH Tel. 01507 522662