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Film Club

Film Club is run by Mr Hyde each year from November to June. 6 Year 5 children are chosen to complete three tasks to do with a specific aspect of film and then create a film independently. This is run by 'La Cinematheque', an initiative by the British Film Institute to get children interested in film-making.

2015 - 2016

This year, the brief for the specific aspect of film was to focus on how weather is used in films - how it affects the filming, the relationships between the characters and how sound is used. 

The Bracelet

Some clips we watched this year for ideas - click each one to watch it yourself!

Alma: a girl enters a mysterious shop...

The Present: a boy gets a surprise gift from his mum

Dangle: what would you do if you found a strange rope hanging from the sky?

Paperman: a lovely cartoon showing a story with no speech

Feast: we paid special attention to how colour is used!

Between Us: we thought about the relationships between characters


We also watched carefully-chosen clips from Citizen Kane, Breakfast at Tiffany's, the Italian film The Bike Thief, the Swedish film Summer with Monika and some clips from the Walden series of experimental film-making. These specifically helped us understand how to film the weather.

Photos from the screening at the British Film Institute in London 27/06/16

Poem by Fleur F -


Mr Hyde, you're great,

All the burgers we ate.

The views on the Eye,

I didn't want to say bye.

But, in the end,

We all became friends!

2014 - 2015

In 2014-2015, the brief for the specific aspect of film was to focus on the gap between different characters and/or the characters and the audience. 


Please see more information about different things we looked at and did as part of Film Club!

The Switch

The film produced by Film Club.

Film premiere 11/06/15 photos

Between Us (2004)

An excellent film that we got a lot of ideas from!

Thank you

Thank you for all the time you've spent with us.

We really like you because,

You're always so kind, happy, great and fun.

We're really so sad that film club's nearly done.

I really wish we can do this again,

If it was with someone else then it wouldn't ever be the same.

Did you know on YouTube we have more than 150 views,

So hopefully The Switch will not lose!

Do you remember when we showed the film in front of the upper and lower school,

They all said it looked so amazingly cool.


By Daniela


A lovely poem written by Daniela and given to Mr Hyde on the morning film club travelled to London as a surprise!

Photos from the screening at the British Film Institute in London 26/06/15

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