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Year 6

We are Year 6 at Horncastle Primary School. We have two classes; 6A, taught by Miss Austin, and 6W, taught by Mr Walker. Year 6 is supported by Mrs Lowe, Mrs Lea, Mrs Cannon, Miss Thomas and Mrs Rawdon.

In Year 6, we learn about a range of topics.

In the autumn term, we focus on the Amazon Rainforest. We learn about different habitats and animals, the topography of the area and ways that we can protect the rainforest.

In spring, we look at two history based topics; Ancient Greece and Evolution. When learning about Ancient Greece, there is a focus on Art and Design and Technology. This includes the children designing and creating their own pulley system to build the Parthenon. During our ‘Land before Time’ topic, we will invite a local Palaeontologist to the school, to give a workshop and hands-on day of learning about dinosaurs fossils. The children will have the opportunity to make their own dinosaur fossil!

Finally, in summer, children learn about the importance of keeping their bodies healthy. We learn about the human circulatory system, do investigations on how exercise affects heart rate, and have the opportunity to ask questions to a local paramedic!

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