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Year 2

We are Year 2 at Horncastle Primary School. We have two classes; Otters and Frogs. Otters are taught by Mrs Thompson and Miss King and Frogs are taught by Miss Stanfield. We are supported by Mrs Burn, Mrs Bodily and Mrs Sherburn.

In Year 2, we cover a range of different topics and adopt an active and engaging approach to learning where possible, such as using the outside area and sharing our learning across the two classes. In class, we learn about key events in history, such as the Great Fire of London and Joseph Banks. We investigate different materials, look at how things transform over time and look at what our body need and how we can keep healthy. We also learn about our local area and compare it to contrasting localities across the world. We also learn to read a map and identify different parts of the map.

We learn about the importance of reading and we access reading through different texts and genres. We visit the school library once a week and share a class story every day to expand our breadth of vocabulary. We enjoy celebrating our achievements with our peers and encourage the children to become more independent and flourish into a fantastic learners!

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