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Year 1

We are Year 1 at Horncastle Primary School. We have two classes; Foxes and Rabbits. Foxes are taught by Miss Roberts and Rabbits are taught by Mrs Smith and Mrs Leak. We are supported by Mrs Lloyd and student teacher Mr Spence.

In Year 1, we cover a range of topics and adopt a practical approach to learning when possible. In the classroom, the children learn about the human body and how to be healthy, we experiment with different materials and find out about different types of animals. We also get to learn about the history of where we live and find out about what makes Horncastle such an important place.

We do lots of work on how to get on with each other and how to celebrate both the similarities and differences with each other and other children in our country.  We celebrate all their achievements, both big and small, and strive to build their confidence so they can tackle any challenge that comes their way.

In Year 1, we have a wonderful outside area that the children love to explore and play in. Indoors, we have a fantastic open space where the children can develop their gross and fine motor skills through playing and interacting with a range of toys. Alongside structured lessons, we believe that all of our children need access to independent, self-led learning!

What we’ve been up to…