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Bounce Back to School Programme

The Bounce Back to School Programme for schools and families was designed in response to what surely was going to be a very difficult return to school following lockdown. Acknowledgement was given to the fact that children, staff and families would be dealing with the unknown such as how schools would manage reintegration, heightened anxiety, loss and grief and possible anxiety of the outdoors and nature. It was also anticipated that co-operation and friendship skills would require a boost and so too would resilience, given the amount of time out of such a social learning context.


The programme was written with the aim of pulling together the key themes of managing anxiety and uncertainty, thinking about love and loss, friendship skills and nature under the umbrella of creating a secure base for all and resilience.


Bounce Back to School is a six-week programme (running every day over six weeks for children in school) where children, staff and family activities run in parallel with each other. Some of the family activities are really short and some are a bit lengthier. We recognise that you may not always have time to complete these activities so please do not worry about that. Do what you can with your child and enjoy!


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