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The 2017/18 Year Book is now available to read on the Year Book page… Good luck to all our Year 6 pupils who are moving on to new schools… We hope all our pupils and families have a wonderful summer break – school starts again on Wednesday 5th September…

Who's Who

In 2017/18, our staff list is as follows.



Mr Bladon


Assistant Headteachers

Mrs Leak (KS1)

Mrs Rooney (KS2)


Inclusion Leader (previously Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)

Miss Gladding


Early Years Foundation Stage

Mrs Clarke - Moles

Mrs Craigs - Nursery

Mrs Riddell (Leadership Team) - Badgers

Miss Sykes - Barn Owls


Key Stage 1

Year 1:

Mrs Adams - Squirrels

Mrs Barr - Foxes

Miss Campbell - Rabbits

Mrs Clark - Squirrels


Year 2:

Mrs Garner - Hedgehogs

Mrs Smith - Frogs

Mrs Thompson - Otters


Key Stage 2

Year 3:

Miss Boston - 3B

Miss Dawson - 3DH

Mrs Hartley - 3DH

Miss Watts - 3W


Year 4:

Mrs Barnes - 4SB

Miss Knight - 4K

Mrs Shaw - 4SB


Year 5:

Mr Bird - 5B

Mrs Gallacher - 5G

Miss Gladding - 5SG


Year 6:

Miss Fox - 6F

Mr Hyde - 6H

Mrs Scarboro (Leadership Team) - 6S


Support Staff:

Mrs Ashton (Nursery)

Mrs Bodily

Mrs Burn

Mrs Cannon

Mrs Chevli

Mrs Danby

Mrs Elks

Mrs Elvin (Nursery)

Ms Frazer

Miss Hicks

Mrs Janney

Mrs Kerwick

Mrs Lea

Mrs Lowe

Mrs D. Leesing

Mrs S. Leesing
Mrs Lloyd

Mrs Midmer

Mrs O'Reilly

Mrs Osborne

Mrs Parrott

Ms Pavey

Mrs Pick (Nursery)

Mrs Rawdon

Mrs Roberts

Mrs Scowen

Mrs Spooner

Ms Taylor

Mrs Thomas

Mrs Vickers


Administrative Staff

Miss Fiddies

Mrs Whittemore


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Ashton

Mrs Ashley

Mrs Barnard

Mrs Bodily

Miss Burnett

Mrs Cairns

Mrs Jackson

Mrs Kirby

Mrs Knighton

Mrs Lea

Mrs Lloyd
Mrs Mowbray

Mrs Murtagh

Mrs Robinson

Mrs Scowen

Mrs Taylor
Miss Williams


Site Manager

Mr Crawford


Cleaning Staff

Miss Burnett

Mrs Cannon
Mrs Millthorpe

Mrs Mowbray

Miss O'Connor

Mrs Taylor


Breakfast Club

Miss Hicks

Mrs Taylor



Mrs Cannon

Staff enjoying World Book Day! 02/03/17

Staff enjoying World Book Day! 02/03/17 1
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