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Sporting Achievements 2017-18

Year 5 and 6 football tournament - 10/03/18

On Saturday 10th March, children from Years 5 and 6 represented our school in a football tournament organised by JB Sports. We entered four teams - Horncastle A, B, C and D.

All of our teams played with great competitive spirit and won numerous games.

Each of them finished either first or second within their league, out of 19 teams overall, so progressed through to the quarter finals. A brilliant achievement in itself!

Horncastle A played a toughly fought game against Skegness Juniors A with great chances both ends; however, the game finished 0-0 and had to go into extra time. A winner could not be decided so the game went into penalties. It was tense for all involved but eventually Skegness Juniors A won meaning Horncastle A were knocked out. Horncastle D had another strong team performance against Alford A but unfortunately lost their game 2-0. At the same time, Horncastle B had to play Horncastle C in a tightly contested game (see pictures). Horncastle B came out on top, winning 2-0. They progressed through to the semi-finals and ended the competition in a respectable 4th place.

All of the children involved were hugely passionate about the achievements of their team! They showed dedication and commitment throughout all of their games. Overall, a great team effort! Well done to all involved.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Mr Pemberton, Mr Cotton, Mr Janney and Mr Chambers for managing our teams. Your help and support is very much appreciated.

Miss Gladding and Mrs Hartley

Netball county finals - 08/03/18

On Thursday 8th March, our ‘Horncastle A’ team took part in the Netball County Finals at Grantham Meres Leisure Centre. The event involved 13 teams who had either won or finished runners up within their school games region. There were a lot of close games. The team had both highs and lows; winning, drawing and losing games. They should be very proud in knowing they are one of the best netball teams in Lincolnshire!


An excellent team performance! Well done to all involved.


Miss Gladding

Year 5 and 6 netball competition - 21/02/18

On Wednesday 21st February, we took two teams of Year 5 and 6 children to a Netball Competition at Skegness Grammar School. The event was eagerly awaited as the children were looking forward to their first games against other schools! Both teams played excellently. They rotated positions throughout, working as a team to take possession of the ball and move it up the court. Team 2 finished in the middle of their league whilst Team 1 progressed through to the semi-final and then the final. They won the event with a great display of team work. Horncastle Team 1 will now progress through to the County Finals in March! A great effort from all of the children involved - well done!


By Miss Gladding

Year 5 netball talent day - 07/02/18

On Wednesday, a group of ten Year 5s took part in a Netball Talent Day at Skegness Grammar School, accompanied by Miss Watts and Mrs Taylor. Marla, Eve, Harrison, Ed, Joseph, Amy, Jess, Hayden, Oliver and Helaina were a great team who encouraged each other and showed a lot of enthusiasm throughout the day.

The day started by meeting a professional netball player, Hannah, who answered students’ questions about what it was like to play the sport professionally. Hannah talked about how much fun it is to be part of a netball club where you can learn a lot about the sport but also make friends along the way.

After that, the team from Horncastle got a chance to meet and practise netball skills with children from 4 other schools in the region. The games practised important netball skills such as dodging, accurate footwork and speed, all whilst attacking and defending.

Finally, our Horncastle team played 5-aside matches against the other schools. It was great to see that the children were practising the skills they had learnt throughout the morning. The team were also very supportive of each other and showed great sportsmanship, as well as fabulous netball skills.

All our team were fantastic and played some excellent netball, but Heleina deserves a special mention for receiving a ‘Golden Ticket’ from the netball coaches, for her involvement, enthusiasm and sportsmanship throughout the Talent Day.

Well done to the entire Year 5 team for a fantastic day; they worked really hard and most of all had a lot of fun playing netball.


By Miss Watts

Year 3 and 4 dodgeball tournament - 24/01/18
On Tuesday 23rd January, Year 3 & 4 had a fun-filled morning at QEGS, taking part in a dodgeball tournament which was in 3 leagues (A, B and C). Our B Team came first and our A Team had an exciting play-off as they had tied with 2 other schools in first place, finally beating the two other teams to win their league. Our C Team drew with 3 other schools in 2nd place; the competition was very close. Well done to all our players. They showed good sportsmanship throughout and were mature enough to decide amongst themselves which 4 members would play each match, and which would be reserves.


A great team effort! Well done!

By Miss Watts

Key Stage 2 swimming gala - 18/01/18

On Thursday 18th January, a group of children from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 competed in a swimming gala at the Meridian Leisure centre. The children swam in different events, both individual and relay races, and many won a medal for finishing in first place. Overall, Years 5 and 6 children finished respectively in 2nd place for the Coastal region. The children in Year 3s and 4 finished in 1st place, which means they will progress through to the County Finals in March!


All of the children who took part in the event were an asset to the school. They all swam to the best of their ability whilst supporting and congratulating each other. A superb effort - well done!

Year 5 and 6 athletics competition - 29/11/17

On Wednesday 29th November, 36 children from Years 5 and 6 competed in an athletics competition at Skegness Grammar School. The children participated in a range of track and field events. The track events included the obstacle relay, 1+1 lap relay, 2+2 lap relay, 6 lap paarlauf (pair run relay), over/under relay and 4x1 lap relay. The field events were made up of the chest push, standing long jump, triple jump, vertical jump, soft javelin and speed bounce.
The children behaved very well, tried their absolute best and supported each other fantastically, wishing each other luck and congratulating others on their efforts. Their hard work and determination paid off as our B team finished 6th place and our A team finished 1st! We are very proud of the children's achievements and we can't wait to support the A team in the County Finals! Well done everyone!

Miss Gladding, Miss Fox and Mrs Kerwick

Year 3 and 4 football tournament - 23/11/17

On Thursday 23rd November, 12 children from Year 3 and 4 took part in an indoor football tournament at Skegness Grammar School. There were 6 teams competing from 3 different schools. The children organised themselves as to who would play which positions very maturely and which children would rotate for each game. All the children showed excellent skill and teamwork. The B team finished in 3rd place and the A team finished 2nd, missing out on first place by 1 point, concluding their brilliant efforts with a superb result. Well done to all the children involved!

Miss Fox

Tag Rugby tournament - 14/11/17

On Tuesday 14th November, 17 children from Years 5 and 6 competed in a Tag Rugby tournament at Horncastle Football Club. The tournament consisted of 11 teams across 2 leagues. We were lucky enough to take 2 teams - 1 to compete in each league. The children played extremely well, showing excellent teamwork and skill as they progressed through the games. Horncastle B came a very close 2nd in their league, finishing 4th overall, and Horncastle A won their league before winning their final match, ending in 1st place. A very enjoyable morning had by all. Well done!


Miss Fox

Football tournament - 17/10/17

On Tuesday 17th October, a mixed group of Year 3 and 4 boys and girls took part in a football tournament organised by JB Sports. It was a bright and sunny morning, and the children were very excited to represent Horncastle. Three teams entered and all participated fully! Each team played five matches against other schools. This resulted in a win for League A, and a second place and a fourth place for League B. Team spirit and behaviour was fantastic! Skill and sporting attitude was great, and we are very proud of all the teams.

By Miss Dawson

Cross country - 12/10/17

On Thursday 12th October, a group of Key Stage 2 children attended a Cross Country competition after school at Alford Cricket Club, Well. The children were very excited as it was their first competition of the year.

Once we had arrived at the event, we had our team talk then went through our warm up with Mrs Thomas. At that point, everybody was eager to get started! The children ran in their Year groups as boys and girls respectively. Children in Year 3 and 4 ran one lap, which was approximately 800m. The Year 3 girls ran first; Lea finished in 3rd place with Ellie in 8th and Annie in 15th. Next up was the Year 3 boys - there was an outstanding performance by Adam, who won the race by a clear way. Xavier and Ben also raced well, finishing in 8th and 14th. The Year 4 girls followed; we only had Jessie representing our school and she finished strong in 5th place. In the Year 4 boys, there was a lot of good competition: Oliver T finished in 11th, Jonathon in 12th, Oliver S in 14th, Liam in 15th and Max in 25th.

The distance of the races changed as we moved on to Year 5 and 6 races; they ran two laps on the field, totalling 1600m. First up to compete in this event were the Year 5 girls. There was another outstanding performance from Jess, who won her race comfortably. She was followed by Marla in 3rd, Eleanor in 5th and Romily and Ruby in 9th and 10th. Next was the Year 5 boys! Max finished well in 5th and was followed by Joseph in 7th. After that came Oliver in 13th, Nathaniel in 15th, Charlie G in 21st, Bertie in 32nd and Charlie P in 42nd. The Year 6 girls followed. Tallula finished in 3rd followed by Sophie, Aaliyah and Eve in 4th, 5th and 6th. Great teamwork, girls! Finally, it was the turn of the Year 6 boys, who had waited very patiently. Alex finished in 5th and was closely followed by Angus in 7th, Jay in 8th, Toby in 9th, Oliver in 11th, Noah in 12th and Jake in 19th.

Each of the races were out of approximately 50 children. All of the children ran with sheer determination!

When the children were not racing, they spent their time cheering on their friends around the outside of the course!

A huge congratulations to all of the children involved for their great efforts; we won overall as best large school, which was an excellent achievement.

A big thank you to Miss Fox, Mrs Thomas and Mrs Kerwick who also attended the event.

By Miss Gladding

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